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6070 MK-415 Porcelain Diamond Blade

5 Reviews
SKU: 6070
MK Diamond
$78.45 to $205.41

Product Details

Product Details

MK-415 Porcelain and Granite Diamond Blade

The MK 415 blades are designed to achieve supreme quality cuts on porcelain an vitreous ceramic tile. They produce clean, chip-free edges and give a long service life.


  • Supreme grade, super hi-rim blades for hard material like granite, porcelain, and vitreous tile
  • These blades are made to retain their cutting edge so that they constantly deliver high performance
  • Continuous rim wet blade
  • These blades are designed for wet cutting only

MK-415 Diamond Blade Specifications
Blade Size7"8"10"12"14"
Rim Height10 mm10 mm10 mm10 mm10 mm

Hard GraniteGood
GlassNot Recommended

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

so far so good

by David -

I can't tell if this blade is any different than the no name premium blades out there, it sure is a lot more expensive though. And it does cut nice. It's still rather new and the last one cut nice too when new. go slow and refresh often. we'll see

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

I would buy this product again

by Dusty -

Took 3 days to get blade, great product.

7/24/2015 2:30 pm

A little pricey

by Nick

if you are willing to spend a little extra money for a good quality blade then this blade is definitely the one for you. cuts through granite, marble and tile. every cut I made was clean and did all of the work

7/24/2015 2:32 pm

Great Blade

by Aaron R

Cuts through things effortlessly and worth the money.

6/20/2017 9:04 am

Too much flex on long cuts

by Bill

Was using 7" to rip cut 3' X 8" porcelain tiles 3/8" thick. It would start flexing to one side or the other even after using resin block frequently. Had to switch to a thicker blade. Probably be good for smaller or softer tiles. If using, cut face down to minimize chipping at edges on porcelain tiles.