6070 MK-415 Porcelain Diamond Blade

SKU: 6070
Manufacturer: MK Diamond
$ 76.80 to $ 175.98


$76.80 to $175.98


MK-415 Blade Size

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MK-415 Porcelain and Granite Diamond Blade

The MK 415 blades are designed to achieve supreme quality cuts on porcelain an vitreous ceramic tile. They produce clean, chip-free edges and give a long service life.


  • Supreme grade, super hi-rim blades for hard material like granite, porcelain, and vitreous tile
  • These blades are made to retain their cutting edge so that they constantly deliver high performance
  • Continuous rim wet blade
  • These blades are designed for wet cutting only

MK-415 Diamond Blade Specifications
Blade Size7"8"10"12"14"
Rim Height10 mm10 mm10 mm10 mm10 mm

Hard GraniteGood
GlassNot Recommended

Questions & Answers (3)

8/27/2015 5:16:42 pm

doing a stone job need a good blade 10'' on a MK tile saw this stone is very hard to cut is this the best one on the market?

The MK-415 Porcelain and Granite Diamond Blade is the best MK Blade for cutting porcelain and granite. We do not recommend this blade for cutting soft material such as marble, or travertine

8/29/2018 10:10:07 am

What is the thickness of this 14" blade?

The thickness of this 14" blade is 0.090" thick.

5/22/2019 4:42:44 pm

Why is this not recommended for use on marble?

This blade is made to be used on hard materials. It is able to cut marble but, it may not perform the best cut.

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews


so far so good

by -

I can't tell if this blade is any different than the no name premium blades out there, it sure is a lot more expensive though. And it does cut nice. It's still rather new and the last one cut nice too when new. go slow and refresh often. we'll see

I would buy this product again

by -

Took 3 days to get blade, great product.

A little pricey


if you are willing to spend a little extra money for a good quality blade then this blade is definitely the one for you. cuts through granite, marble and tile. every cut I made was clean and did all of the work

Great Blade


Cuts through things effortlessly and worth the money.

Too much flex on long cuts


Was using 7" to rip cut 3' X 8" porcelain tiles 3/8" thick. It would start flexing to one side or the other even after using resin block frequently. Had to switch to a thicker blade. Probably be good for smaller or softer tiles. If using, cut face down to minimize chipping at edges on porcelain tiles.