Quartz by Aco Flange Edge Stainless Steel Shower Channels & Grates

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Quartz by Aco
$440.25 to $872.25
$440.25 to $872.25

Product Details

Product Details

Quartz by Aco Flange Edge Stainless Steel Shower Channels and Grates

Quartz by ACO grates are based on the latest European design and the range of styles complements bathroom design and personal preferences. Matching grate designs for the linear drain and point drain create a harmonized scheme and integrated design. As well as 7 design grate options there is also the Tile Grate that allows for the floor material to also be installed within the center of the channel.

All ACO Polymer Products have a 24 hour turn-around time, which also includes air shipments.


  • Plain Body Electro Polish Stainless Steel
  • Flange edge shower channel to suit either CPE shower membrane or hot mopped painted membrane
  • Foot friendly grate with anti-slip nodules
  • Channels and gratings are electropolished
  • This process creates a shiny defect-free surface which minimizes cleaning and maintenance for a high class finish
  • The textured appearance of the grate is still visible after electro-polishing and helps reduce the appearance of finger prints and soap residue
  • A linear shower channel drain, such as QuARTz by ACO, provide a number of advantages over circular point drains
  • Flexibility in positioning allows you to place the shower channel drain in the center of a shower or other wet area, against the walls, or let it act as the threshold
  • Used as a threshold, it becomes the water barrier that keeps dry zones dry
  • Allows for more of an open floor plan and traffic flow because the shower or other wet area can be open, without the need of a door
  • QuARTz linear shower channel drains come in standard tile widths eliminating all those tricky, complicated tile cuts
  • The innovation of a flat, shower channel adds to the aesthetic beauty of your bathroom area
  • The layout can be more open and uncluttered by doors and doorway thresholds that were in place to be water barriers
  • Your floor has its own water barrier in the form of a QuARTz linear shower channel drain, a shower door is no longer needed
  • QuARTz linear shower channel drains have a distinctive, attractive European design
  • Drains are available in 28", 32", 36", 40", 48" and 55" lengths
  • Any area where you would like to have a linear shower channel fills the space, can be done
  • With eight different slot designs, and two types of finishes, there is a design and finish to fit all styles and tastes
  • Complete Set Channel Body, Grate cover, Lifting Key, Adjustable Feet and Hardware
  • Water activated LED light option available in red, green, blue or rainbow are available for increased ambiance
  • 2" diameter central vertical outlet
  • Flow rate: at entrance of shower - 6.3GPM (0.4 l/s); against the wall - 9.5GPM (0.6 l/s)
  • Channel width: 3.3" (84 mm)
  • Bodies are fully welded and leak tested prior to dispatch
  • Electropolished finish and oil-rubbed bronze finish available
  • Stainless steel clad flexible coupling connects outlet to pipe system
  • Leveling Feet are also standard with each unit and enable easy installation by providing stability and height adjustment of the linear channel
  • Lifting Keys are standard with each unit and assist with grate removal during maintenance

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