6363 Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3 Push Tile Cutter

SKU: 6363
Manufacturer: Montolit
$370.00 to $1,415.00


$370.00 to $1,415.00


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Questions & Answers (7)

Can the 24 inch cutter cut tile that is 24 inches in length?

The 63P3 is 63cm metric which measures to 24.80"

Does the monolit cutter have inches on the scale or does it only come in metric

The Montolit Evolution tile cutters that we offer are in sold with "standard" measurements in inches.

Does the cutter come with a carrying case?

The Montolit tile cutter does not come with a case. There is a cover that can be purchased separately Click Here to view

Is this Montolit tile cutter able to cut glass?

Thank you for contact Contractors Direct.

This tile cutter is capable of cutting glass tile, though it would likely have a rougher edges than if that same tile were to be cut on a wet tile saw.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

So from 0-3" it has the blue sticker inlay for standard measurements?


That is correct!

Thanks for contacting Contractors Direct.

Where can I get replacement metal breaker pads?

Please check the parts list here and contact our customer service team to place the order for the part needed.

What material is the scoring handle made out of? Metal? Plastic? Thanks.


The handle is made of a durable cast-Aluminum.

Thanks for contacting Contractors Direct.

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Montolit Masterpiuma 24 "

by -

Made in Italy says it all. Superior design, high quality of materials, ease of use compared to other cutters, slide bar and snap, no moving handel back or up to snap tile. also like the way you can gently snap compared to some sigmas you have to bang down on more, plus you are scoring up toward gauge so tile stays secure. sigma has gauge at bottom which is better for a pull machine, both cutters are nice but the Montolit is in a league by itself. Just my two cents! If you're cutting over 24" get the 36" but the 24"is great for most jobs, cuts 12x24 long ways like a charm! Mosaics n glass cut beautiful too! Score a 24" tile with one finger, enough said😀 Have fun tiling - Retired union setter in CT

Outstanding cutter

by -

Great board leaps and bounds better than my old Sigma. Use it more than my saw in most jobs.

Perfect tile cutter


I bought the Montolit 24 inch in the middle of a job and it lives up to the You Tube demo in every way. The function and feel is solid and professional, unlike those double tube cutters out there made in china. I was able to cut 1/2 inch strips out of 24 inch long tiles. Buy the Italian made tile cutter, its worth the extra money and double your satisfaction.

The Best Italian Tile Cutter!


This cutter is hands down the best tile cutter I have ever used. When you are using this board to cut mosaic be sure to use the mosaic pad kit for the best results. Fast delivery showed up in pristine condition great product!

The Absolute Best Tile Cutter

by -

Ths is by far the best tile cutter board I have ever used!!!

Great Cutter


Reading the previous reviews I fully expected "the best" cutter. I have been using a Japanese tile cutter for the past 6 years and finally wanted to spoil myself! So after looking around I narrowed it between the Montolit and Sigma tile cutters. Comparing the two brands on various forums and online reviews I decided to buy the Montolit Masterpiuma P3 and I do not regret it and after using it for the past month I couldn't believe I waited so long to buy a professional cutter. By the way this site has everything a professional tile installer needs. So in closing "Great Cutter"

It is worth every penny


I've used tomechanic for the last 6 years, when I was ready for a new one I bought this, the tomechanic cutter is great but I will never buy another. Very rarely will I have a bad break, I can rip a half inch off most any tile with confidence, the flip gauge is a MUST HAVE for any job, the ruler is accurate to the 32nd so that I don't even have to mark tile, just set it up on the measure and cut. This is the latest and greatest.

the best


Tested side by side vs rubi cutter at the Contractors Direct tile tool expo. Montolit cut cleaner almost every time. I walked out with a refurbished montolit for a great deal!

Masterpiuma p3

by -

Ive been working in the tile trade for over 30 yrs. I've used many different hand cutters through the years and the P3 by Monolit is by far the best.

Its made in Italy! Forgetaboutit....

Hands down best tile cutter out there


Impressed by the clean cuts. Even cuts travertine. Lightweight, great looking, accurate and makes us a lot of money!

But this cutter!


Took a little getting used to from my other cutter but by far a much superior tile cutter! Absolutely love it! The built in features alone save so much time. Straight clean cuts are a breeze.

Worth every penny.


Best cutter I’ve ever used period.