542203056 Carriage Tray for Husqvarna, Target & Felker Tile Saws

SKU: 542203056
Manufacturer: Husqvarna
MPN: 542203056





Carriage Tray for Husqvarna, Target Felker Tile Saws


  • Rip guide sold separately
  • Die-cast aluminum table with rubberized work surface and draining channels
  • Dimension: 17-1/4" x 16"
  • Wheel to wheel measurement (from center): 11-3/4"
  • Smooth rolling, large conveyor carts with metal wheels maintain high precision with fewer parts and less wear

Questions & Answers (3)

7/8/2015 3:31:58 pm

One of the wheels on my carriage tray is not all touching the rails. Is my tray defective?

No, there are 2 different types of wheels on the tray. 2 wheels with black bolts that are centered and 2 wheels with gold bolts that are offset. This allows the Husqvarna carriage tray to be adjusted up and down. The purpose of this is to make the carriage tray perpendicular (90 degrees) to the tray. If one wheel is off the rail simple loosen the bolt on the wheel and spin the bolt to adjust the height of the wheel.

7/8/2015 3:48:49 pm

The 2 nylon rollers near the backstop of the tray are not touching the rails. What are these wheels for?

When making large cuts the carriage tray hangs over the edge of the water pan. The nylon wheels prevent the carriage tray from catching on the water pan.

12/14/2018 10:42:54 am

Will it fit a felker tile master?

Yes, this carriage tray will fit the Felker Tilemaster tile saw. The rails may need to be adjusted to properly fit the carriage tray. Wheel to wheel measurement (from center): 11-3/4"

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A coupl of issues

by -

Bought this tray table to replace the original, much smaller table on my Felker Tilemaster. Very happy with the larger size, but the valley where the blade passes through is much wider than the old tray. I do a lot of shower pans, and sheet mosaics tend to bind up and stop the blade a lot more than the original table, and marble tends to lose a lot more corners than the previous one, especially when cutting on a diagonal. Other than that, it's built solid and works well in supporting the larger tile. Also, for some reason, when I opened the box, I noticed only 2 of the 4 wheels were mounted to the tray, and the other 2 were laying at the bottom of the box along with the nuts and bolts. No big deal, but when I attempted to mount them, I noticed they were a little different than the ones that were on the tray....and different in color. Still no biggie, but after I mounted them I noticed my table had a slight 16th of an inch rock to it. After further examination, I noticed that the bolt holes in the unmounted wheels were off center! I wound up having to take all 4 wheels off and rearrange and twist them just so, (more than once) to get it to stop rocking. And even today, it's still not perfect. Not something I would expect to have to deal with on brand new equipment.