Gemini Revolution XT Ring Saw Only

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Product Details

Product Details

Gemini Revolution XT Ring Saw

The Gemini Revolution offers users and unique wet tile saw that specializes in intricate curve cutting. It is great for artists, professionals, and hobbyists alike. Choose from the three blade options, single-sided, double-sided or glass diamond blade, to be suit your needs.


  • Cuts a radius, curve or straight line!
  • 10" Diamond Ring ring blade cuts up to 2" thick materials
  • The Ring Blade has no center giving you the ability to cut intricate designs and tight radius cuts as small as 1/2"
  • Has 5 times more power (torque) than other 1.5 hp saws!
  • Weight: 39 lbs
  • 1 hp, 115V, high torque motor
  • Makes curved cuts in 2" granite!
  • One year warranty for motor
  • NOT recommended this saw for intensive straight cutting
  • Stand, slide tray and blades are sold separately

What's Included?

  • Revolution XT Curve Cutting Saw
  • Operator's manual

Gemini Revolution XT Curve Cutting Saw Specifications
PowerBelt Driven - 1 hp
Blade Capacity10 in Gemini Ring Blade
Depth of Cut2 in
Weight39 lbs

The Revolution blades are very similar to the solid 10" diameter blades you will find on most wet saws. The difference is that our blades have no center, giving you the ability to not only cut straight lines but also make tight radius cuts. Because we run our blades at a much slower R.P.M. than the average wet saw but with far more torque, they give the user a much higher quality cut with far less chipping and in some cases superior blade life.

Questions & Answers
14 questions

Where is the water pump?

There is no pump with a ring saw. Because the belt that drives the blade also picks up and delivers water to the cut, there is no need for one.

When should I replace my wear parts?

The average life of the drive belt is two to three blades.

Do I have to use water with my Ring Saw?

Always use water.

What is the difference between a Ring Saw and a reciprocating saw?

Ring Saws cut while spinning in a perfect circle, so there is little or no vibration while cutting. Jig saws vibrate cut on the up stroke causing delicate pieces to break and wear out much more quickly than Ring Saws.

What is the difference between a Ring Saw and a band saw?

Ring Saw's spin in a perfect circle and cut in all directions. Band saws travel in an ellipse, can cut basically forward like a polliwog travels.

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1/16/2015 5:02 pm

Cut the Curves

by Gridcraft -

This review is for an XT we bought 4 years ago. Just purchased a new one. The XT is one of a very few saws that allows for curved cuts in stone & tile, which it does fairly well once you figure out how to recut from a different angle on large format tiles. It's achilles heel, however, is the short life span of the bearings. We have devised a double-bucket slurry system to help with that, but the bearings still need to be replaced fairly often, and they are pricey! However, this newer version of the saw has felt backers & plastic caps to protect the bearings, so maybe they will last longer now? Most recommend as a project saw, definitely challenging as a production saw.

1/16/2015 5:02 pm

Curves are good

by Jennifer Pivovar -

Why settle for straight lines? I have cut an 18' long vine through a bathroom shower, cut trim around curved edges of fixtures, and this winter plan to cut large elliptical curve patterns in a stone floor. The vine was for fun, the trim is because I can, and the curves in the floors will mask the totally unsquare footprint of my 200 year old farm house. If I didn't have the Gemini I wouldn't even consider it. Besides, it's fun to see the reactions :).

1/16/2015 5:02 pm

Revolution XT

by Matjaz -

Hi Very pleased with purchase and the people with whom I contacted. They are very customer friendly and able to listen and help. I really thank you again!! :) Greetings from the green Slovenia Matjaz

5/20/2017 5:45 pm


by VB

This saw was recommended to me and I own the Taurus 3 by the same maker so I was very disappointed when I received the saw and realized that the water system was so poorly designed. The 39+ pound saw must be completely removed (including the working area) to clean the water supply. This alone was a deal breaker for me but, also, the water container is opaque and completely enclosed with an opening just big enough for the blade. This makes it very difficult to see the sludge in order to clean it. Not the fault of, they were very helpful in assisting the return. In addition to the reviews on this site, I read several reviews at other sites and none mentioned this problem. I am a smallish women so this is a particular problem for me, but 39 lbs. seems a lot of weight for anyone to have to lift every time the saw is used. Can't figure why no one else mentioned it.

11/20/2019 7:55 am

Got rid of it

by Dennis Treece

If you know your way around small tools and have the time to do the frequent maintenance you might like this saw but you will also need lots of spare cash for belts and blades. We found it cut glass very well but it simply did not go long between maintenance problems. And it weighs a ton when you have to lift it off the bed to get at the gears and grommets and belt. Blades are pretty fragile so always have a spare.

7/20/2020 12:18 pm

Do Not Buy This Saw

by Lisa

I owned the previous Revolution saw. It was great. The new version breaks belts frequently. The bearing wheels also break. All very pricey. Forget the little covers they fall off.