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  • 7545 Troxell Standard Supersoft Kneepads (pair)

7545 Troxell Standard Supersoft Kneepads (pair)

22 Reviews
SKU: 7545
Troxell USA

Product Details

Product Details

Troxell Standard Supersoft Kneepads


  • Soft neoprene knee pads with hook and loop fasteners
  • Kneepads provide comfort and adjust quickly for a perfect fit every time
  • Patented design of the supersoft kneepad provides a front fastening system
  • The Supersoft has no buckles or hook and loop fasteners behind or on the side of the leg
  • Single neoprene strap fastens below knee for all day wear ability
  • Durable pad, encased in comfortable neoprene, protects knees for extended kneeling
  • The strap is so soft and comfortable
  • Front fastener stays in place and allows a free range of motion
  • Comfortable neoprene is 100% washable and is less likely to bind and cause rash
  • Urethane coating for added protection and durability
  • Durable pad absorbs the weight and disperses it within the pad rather than down into the ground. This reduces "hot spots" associated with conventional knee pads
  • Provides maximum cushion and extended knee pad life
  • Neoprene lining wicks away moisture, keeps user cool and dry. Single neoprene strap fastens below knee

These are the only knee pads that can be worn with short pants and not irritate your legs!

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1/16/2015 4:52 pm

7545 Supersoft Kneepads

by strawmanslady -

I use this product in the yard and also for housecleaning. I've had the same set for 7 years and they are still in excellent condition. I bought some this year for Christmas presents.

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

I will not work on my knees without

by Jeremy the Plumber -

A tile guy turned me on to these pads 5 years ago, I will not even go to work without these knee pads!!! I wish my old bosses would have introduced me to knee protection when I first started as an apprentice, my knees are shot now!! The only way I can work on my knees are with these pads.I have owned a pair for 5 years now, the strap is finally to the point of breaking, I have more than got my money and use out of them. I am buying 3 pairs 1 for a friend and 2 for me, 1 as a back up.There is nothing on the market that can compare to these, I have at least 4 pairs of different knee pads from [...] they are all sitting on a shelf in my garage, and have been there for years.

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Very nice pads

by John -

Very nice pads, the best I have owned yet. I do tile & grout restoration and spend a lot of time on my knees. They are close to being to small, I'm 5'11" and my knees fill them out. If I need to but more I will go with the bigger size.

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Best kneepads you can get

by Jacek the flooring guy -

wide and soft support belt does not cut into your leg, best of all kneepads I have tried. I have tried over 10 different types, from $10/pair to $70/pair. For this price it does not get any better than these.

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Great kneepads

by muebe -

I use these kneepads during my work. They are great and they do not bite the back of the legs. They have gel and are very comfortable. I highly recommend.

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

The best kneepads

by Big I -

They have so many great uses, I used my husbands kneepads so much I had to buy him a new pair. My sister in law loved them too I bought her a pair for her birthday.