017703232 Laticrete 323 sq ft. Strata Mat Uncoupling Membrane

SKU: 017703232
Manufacturer: Laticrete
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How does Strata Mat differ from other uncoupling membranes?

Unlike most other underlayment membranes, the Laticrete Strata Mat can be used with either modified or unmodified thinset. Also, the Strata Mat is white in color and can easily be marked with a chalk-line.

Is the Laticrete Stratamat waterproof?

No, Strata Mat by Laticrete is not a waterproofing membrane.

What is an uncoupling membrane?

An uncoupling membrane is used to neutralize movement stresses between the substrate (floor) and the tile. Uncoupling membranes significantly reduce the likelihood of tiles cracking and/or delaminating after installation.

Can this be used over radiant heat mat?

Yes, Laticrete Strata Mat Uncoupling Membrane can be installed over floor heating systems.

Can strata mat be used over new exterior concrete?

Laticrete Stratamat is rated for exterior use. You must ensure the rest of the assembly is appropriate for whatever region of the country you live in. We recommend you call Laticrete directly before use. (800) 243-4788

How much does the 323 foot roll weigh?

A 323 sq ft roll of Stratamat would weigh 41 lbs.

Can I use it in the balcony?

Per the a href="/PDF/laticrete-strata-mat-manual.pdf">Laticrete StrataMat Manual, you can install this product for exterior applications.��Thanks for contacting Contractors Direct.

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Cabana Floor

by -

This is my first review of this product but have used it quite a bit in the past. In short order Im a professional with over 30yrs experience. This product seems far superior than hardibacker at about the same cost if you included the screws not to mention the weight difference strata 600ft+ 2 rolls less than 200lbs, 600ft hardi 40+sheets about 1,100lbs. And far less than ditra if you dont need it for waterproof areas and does the same thing with the bonus of using modified thinset for the tile installation which is required with porcelain tile. Do your research I did and I like the results its a bit of a workout to work it into the thinset and you definitely use more thinset overall but also much better open time with the stratamat and no messing with taping the seams either. In short I think its a great product

happy with this roll


good tile uncoupling membrane that wont limit you to one type of mortar you can use modified or unmodified it all works. thought it might take longer for adhesive to cure but was surprised i could grout the floor the next morning. great product and best price i could find when ordering online

Great product with differences over other uncoupling membranes.


I started using Strata Mat about 4 months ago and I have been more than happy with the results. I was a big fan of Ditra and then my local supplier and I had a falling out and I found this and boy I am glad I did. Here are a few reasons I prefer this over Ditra.��1. It is 45" wide vs. Ditra's 39.5" (not a major but for me it matters)�2. The hydration vents cause the mortar to be placed into the underlayment much easier. If you have any experience with Ditra, you know that you must trowel over the underlayment at least twice to fill the "ditra-pockets" with mortar. This is because air trapped in the pockets have no where to go but up, creating bubbles in the mortar. Strata Mat has pin holes in each pocket that allow air to escape as it is placed into the underlayment. (This is a major advantage!)�3. You can use any type of mortar. You're not limited to unmod. or Ditra-set�4. Since it is white. You can see chalk lines on it.

Strata Rocks


Far better than Ditra! Strata and Tri-lite mortar= A+ Installation.Contractors Direct fast shipping and best price.👍👍