Schluter Ditra-Heat 3' 3" x 2' 7" Uncoupling & Waterproofing Sheet

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Product Details

Product Details

Schluter Ditra-Heat 3' 3" x 2' 7" Uncoupling & Waterproofing Sheet

Uncoupling and waterproofing membrane designed to secure Ditra-Heat heating cable in place. Provides uncoupling to neutralize shear stresses between the substrate and the tile covering to prevent cracked tile and grout. The cut-back stud structure of the Ditra-Heat membrane holds the heating cable in place without the use of clips or fasteners.


  • Eliminates the need for a self-leveling compound which minimizes the assembly thickness and allows for quicker installation
  • Sheet dimensions 3' 3" x 2' 7" = 8.6 sq ft. (1 m x 0.8 m = 0.8 m2)
  • Designed for use with Ditra-Heat heating cables
  • Sold by the sheet, Made of polypropylene
  • Membrane is 1/4" thick
  • Installs with thinset

Common Questions

Do you need to wait for DITRA to dry before tiling?

Once the DITRA-HEAT membrane has been installed and the heating cables have been embedded within the membrane and tested, the tile can be installed right away. No need to wait for the thin-set mortar to cure.

Does DITRA-HEAT warm the room?

While DITRA-HEAT does offer some radiant heat that contributes to the overall comfort of the space, it is not designed to be a primary heating source for the entire room. Its main function is to provide a floor warming solution, creating a pleasant and inviting floor surface, especially during colder months.

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3/27/2022 12:26 pm

Great product

by John -

I love this product