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Is a mixing paddle included with the Rubi handheld mortar mixer?

Yes, a M-120-R Glue and Mortar Mixing Paddle is included with the Rubimix 9BL dual speed mixing drill.

Is this mixer strong enough to mix dry pack?

Yes, the Rubimix-9BL Mixer will mix 15 gallons or less of drypack.

I am a high school AD, and we have 5 gallon paint buckets that we need to mix every Fall to paint fields. Would this be a good tool to mix those buckets? Or is this for my heavy duty use?

This is a great mixer for mixing paints and resins as well as plaster, mortar and more.

Does it have reverse?

This mixer will only spin in one direction with 2 speeds.

I like the 2 piece paddle included with my 9-n because i can dissemble them pack them down in a tstak , tough system,etc case for storage transport. But i notice on the site the other paddles down are only 1 piece in the pictures. Are the 2 piece not sold and only included in the mixer purchase for smaller box/shipping?

Yes, the two piece paddles are only available with the Rubimix 9N for packaging / shipping.

Does it come with a case?

This product does not come with a carrying case.