Raimondi Pedalo Grout Cleaning System

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Product Details

Product Details

Raimondi Pedalo Washmaster Stand-up Grout Cleaning Station

The Raimondi Pedalo Washmaster Sponge Station is used for cleaning grout from walls and floor. Pole Sponge enables you to work from an upright position either on floors or walls. Just squeeze the sponge out by stepping on the pedal of the Washmaster while remaining upright. The Raimondi Pedalo also features a high-capacity water tank which reduces the need for frequent water changes.


  • Clean Grout Joints Standing UP!
  • Save time and money
  • Cut time by 30 to 50%. Save hours of back breaking work
  • Works on walls and floors
  • The pole sponge enables you to work in an upright position on both floors and walls
  • Pedal eases and speeds the squeezing action of the sponge, allowing the user to remain upright
  • Sponge float with handle can be used on smaller floor and wall areas
  • High-absorption Sweepex sponge included
  • High-capacity tank 10 gal with drain plug, reduces the need for frequent water changing
  • Impact-resistant plastic for long life
  • Twin rollers fitted with wear-resistant sockets
  • Comes with backer plate, no adhesive necessary
  • New sponge lasts 5000 sq/ft on average
  • Includes aluminum pole with sponge, hand grip and sponge
  • Yellow sponge is softer than brown sponge
  • Weight 23.8 lbs

What's Included?

  • Raimondi Pedalo Grout Cleaning Machine
  • 1 Yellow Sponge with Quick Snap Handle
  • 1 Sponge Float Head with 2 Piece Pole (52")
  • User and Maintenance Manual
Questions & Answers
1 questions

Does Ramondi make replacement or one-piece handles for this? Everything is great except the cheap handle. Broken an repaired several times. One piece would be great.

Click here to view listing for the Raimondi Pedalo one-piece pole.

Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Time saver

by One man show -

This product has really cut my grouting time in half. The only downfall is that chiseled edge stone must still be clean by hand due to the irregularities.

1/16/2015 5:02 pm

Good quality

by Doug -

Good quality. Like it

1/16/2015 5:02 pm


by zippy -

Great Product with one downfall. We used another contractor's unit to try and we loved it. Day one of using ours, the handle junction snapped. they really should make the handle one-piece. If this product didn't save us so much time, I would have sent it back for the handle issue.

2/18/2017 11:35 pm

Tile clean up

by Miles -

A wonderful product. I have been doing tile work for years and have tried various clean up methods. This clean up system is the best one I have tried. I wish I had it years ago. I saved enough on labor doing one floor job to pay for this tool. It saved a real lot of time and made the job so easy. And best of all, I did not have to be on my knees to clean up. I would recommend this to anyone that is a serious tile person!

4/9/2017 9:02 pm

very impressed

by jason -

if you like the other sponge bucket grout systems you will love this one. It wipes crystal clean with no need for a second pass and the sponge is 18'' wide! This too is only practical for larger rooms but will make back your money on the first job.

for best results trim your sponges. They all need to be trimmed. When you squish down on the sponge to wring the water out any sponge that mushrooms out past the backing plate needs to be cut off because it is not being wrung properly. Try trimming the sponges and you will drip far less water and leave way fewer streaks.

when I use this machine I use the hand sponge to break the grout off the tile surface and tool the joints. Once I swish around a fairly large area by hand I then switch to the pole sponge and wipe it down. It is great to not have to be on your knees the whole time.

The pole is rather flimsy and made similar to a pool skimmer pool. If you put any pressure on it the pole will fold. The handle pole is the only weak point in the system.
I could not find a wooden broom stave to fit the sponge head in place of the metal pole so I actually found one that fit inside the metal handle pipes. Remove the center black plastic connector piece, slide the broom stick thru the metal pole halves and screw it all together with self-tapper screws.

12/12/2018 11:20 am


by Matt

Very well built and high quality.