50132 Raimondi 1/32" Clips for RLS Tile Leveling System

SKU: 50132
Manufacturer: Raimondi
$25.00 to $240.00


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Mother of all inventions


It was a brisk morning here in Minnesota the temperature was just low enough to see your breath but not low enough to wear my Great Uncle's heavy winter coat. I ventured out that day to get some supplies to work on the old home and after searching far and wide I decided to visit the internet to find the remaining supplies. I stumbled on this system known as the Raimondi Leveling Systems This is the exact thing I needed and it was coming from my grandparent's motherland (Connecticut). I ordered the product and waited with great anticipation for its arrival. When my local UPS driver delivered the package I was like a little kid on Christmas day. I opened it up and the headmaster (my wife) immediately put me to work. The tile work would make even the greatest installers of the land jealous. I Would strongly recommend this to anyone.

Huge Fan of RLS but not of these clips


I was happy to hear that Raimondi came out with the 1/32 clips because I've found that the 1/16" clips really work out to be about 1/8" spacing. It seams more and more clients are wanting really tight grout lines and 1/16" is about the norm now.

Well these clips are quite different from the previous clips.


1. Nice bevel on one side so they slide under the tile better.


1. The spacer in the middle tends to clog up with thinset which then makes your space wider.

2. Most importantly these clips break really easy either by applying too much torque or even when you have them set and hit next to them with a rubber mallet to set the tile these clips will also break.

Overall I'll stick with the 1/16th clips. Spent way too much time lifting up tiles to replace the clips.



These clips are great and as a long time contractor have helped to expedite the laying of tile and cut the time to install almost in half while giving near perfect results every time. The only reason I give these 4 stars is that as another reviewer has stated. The thinset gets mixed in with the clips and rarely do I ever find that I get a true 1/32" joint. I find these to be about the same thickness as the 1/16" joint clips and the 3D feature is only a hindrance as you need to move the tile to get the little nubs to sit flat and cannot function properly at the corners as it gives you 2 different joint widths. One for the side with the wedge and a little smaller where the nubs are supposed to provide a space.