Pearl 10" Professional Rail Saw

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Pearl Abrasive

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Product Details

Product Details

Pearl Abrasive VX10.2RSPRO Wet Rail Saw

New and improved 10" Wet Pro Rail saw that cuts 48" tile (rip cut) and a 32" tile (diagonal cut) with plunge cut. Equipped with a powerful 1-1/2 HP, direct-drive induction motor with thermal overload protection.


  • Two cutting handles to move the cutting head easily
  • Up to 1" plunge cut
  • Heavy-duty aluminum table
  • Sturdy wheels for easy transport
  • Removable extension table adds extra workspace, can be used on either side of the saw
  • Splash guard reduces over-spray
  • Blade capacity of 10" enhances cutting capacity
  • Legs fold under the saw for easy transport
  • Position lock cutting head
  • 45 Degree Muter Cut
  • Holes in the table divert water and waste material away from the work area. Water is recycled through these holes, keeping it in the pan and off the floor
  • One-year limited warranty

What's Included?

  • (1) 10 in Professional Diamond Blade
  • (1) 45°/90° Rip Guide
  • (1) Universal wrench
  • (1) Water pump
  • (1) Water level tube
  • (1) Table extension
  • (1) Drain plug
  • (1) Owner’s manual
Pearl VX10.2RSPRO Rail Saw Specifications
PowerDirect Drive - 1-1/2 hp
Length of Cut48 in
Diagonal Length of Cut32 in
Arbor5/8 in
Blade Capacity10 in
Depth of Cut2-5/8 in
Weight172 lbs
Questions & Answers
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What are the RPMs?

Pearl VX10RS Rail Saw has a 3450 Max RPM.

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

1/16/2015 5:02 pm

Great Saw

by Al B. -

I debated for days with myself between this saw and the Rubi DC 250 / 1200. The reason that I chose the Pearl was the fact that it comes with the auxiliary side table, spray guard and cutting gauge. It does lack the length of tray that the Rubi has but if I start installing 48" tile I might as well be doing slab. The blade RPM is almost 700 RPM faster which means a faster cut time. I did have an Imer saw prior to this and this saw is head and shoulders better, almost twice the weight also. I also switched blades to something more premium, I think that every mechanic has a favorite blade. I don't have a problem with the wheel system, be advised that this saw is one heavy piece of equipment and that's the only reason that I didn't give it a 5 star rating. If possible I would go 4.5 stars. Tray fills with about 6 gal. of water and water control to the blade is very good, 2 plugs in the tray so draining is very easy. The tray table can be easily removed for cleaning which is a big plus and accuracy is phenomenal. I just finished a floor job in a master bath, tile were 24" X 24" X 7/16"on point and the Pearl handled each cut effortlessly. I do also own a DeWalt that will remain my usual saw but with the trend moving toward larger and larger tile I feel that the expense and need for a large format saw is well justified. If your looking to buy one give the Pearl a serious look. Or just wait for me to sell mine, with 35 years in the craft I hope to be out in another few years then I'll sell all my tools. Ha!

1/16/2015 5:02 pm


by Bill -

I have been tiling for over 20 years and never needed a saw this big. I have been using the Dewalt D24000 for the last 9 years, AWESOME SAW!!!! Before that an MK. I recently got hired for my 1st 36"x18" job. I felt a bit too big to hang over my Dewalt tray. I will say I'm impressed!!! Saw came set perfectly square. I set a tile on the fence and it cut dead nutz on 36" length within a 1/64". HEAVY but thats what you want in a quality rail saw. Not so sold on the wheel set up, but the motor hums like a jet engine. Great job Pearl! *PS I installed a T3 Razor from the start. THUMBS UP SO FAR!

1/16/2015 5:02 pm

Very good saw

by A J -

I just received my saw today and after some assembly I put it straight to work. First off I just sold my Imer 250 VA Combi because it couldn't accommodate many of the large format tiles we see today. I was really debating between this saw and the Rubi DC 250 / 1200 and the reason that I opted for the Pearl was partly because I've had my fill of European design. I used my Imer but I never loved my Imer, not like my DeWalt ( which as you know is probably the most accurate saw on the market just a bit to small for LFT). The other reason I picked the Pearl is blade speed, 3450 RPM vs. 2780 RPM. Even the Imer runs at 2800 RPM which sometimes feels like your grinding through the tile instead of cutting through it. I've been installing 24" X 24" X 7/16" porcelain tile on point and the Pearl cuts it like butter. I'm very happy. The table deck lifts off so filling and draining is very easy. Pump output is exceptional and very controllable and not nearly as messy as my afore mentioned Imer. The only draw back that I've encountered so far is the weight. In the description they state the saw is 145 lbs. on the saw it states it is 166 lbs. Either way it's freaking heavy and that's the only reason that I didn't give it a 5 star rating. As I continue to use it I'll post more of my discoveries about the saw, but it is an extremely well made piece of equipment that I hope to get many years of use from.

7/10/2019 1:05 pm


by Scott

The good: motor is quiet, rpm faster than other rail saws, fits in a saw tent, will cut 47.5" tiles using plunge and moving the tile, table is non slip, comes with a table ext. That said, I don't like it, here's why: Heavy and awkward, gets water everywhere, starts rusting immediately, non slip table is way over engineered and complicated, it's not very accurate, it has slop (everything tightened up you can pivot the blade by moving of either handle), the plunge moves the blade laterally, the engineering is just not that great and it's sloppy cutting. Because the blade tracks inconsistantly it wears the blade out faster on one side more than the other, premature crooked cuts result. Spent hours adjusting it, improved it, but there is just too much slop in the rail/plunge system to keep the blade on track all of the time. My guys hate the saw and use only when absolutely necessary. Wish I had spent more money for a name brand saw.

4/2/2020 11:00 pm

Don’t get it if your trying to cut LFT.

by Adrian

Everything moves on this stupid saw.