6060 MK-225 Hot Dog Porcelain Diamond Blade

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Manufacturer: MK Diamond
$29.99 to $104.99


$29.99 to $104.99


Size Diamond Blade

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MK-225 Hot Dog Porcelain Diamond Blade

The MK-225 Hot Dog diamond blade has a thin rim for fast and precise cuts through porcelain, ceramic, and vitreous tile.


  • High grade, thin-rim blade
  • Stiffened slot and ultra-thin kerf allows the MK-225 to cut with less drag and resistance than any other tile blade
  • Decreased resistance means longer blade life and increased cutting efficiency
  • Tension slots help prevent dishing and blade wobble
  • Diamond blade utilizes a patent pending core slot design to provide a thin kerf; ensuring a consistent cutting edge and eliminating porcelain surface chipping even with the hardest porcelain tile
  • 12" and 14" blades cannot be used on a hand held cut off saw
  • These blades are designed for wet cutting only

Technical Specifications

  • Rim Height 7mm
  • 4" blade has a 20mm/5/8" Arbor, 15,200 Max RPM and a 0.050" Kerf
  • 4.5" blade has a 5/8" Arbor, 13,500 Max RPM and a 0.050" Kerf
  • 5" blade has a 5/8" Arbor, 12,200 Max RPM and a 0.050" Kerf
  • 7" blade has a 5/8" Arbor, 8,730 Max RPM and a 0.050" Kerf
  • 8" blade has a 5/8" Arbor, 7,640 Max RPM and a 0.050" Kerf
  • 10" blade has a 5/8" arbor, 6,115 Max RPM and a 0.050" Kerf
  • 12" blade has a 1" Arbor, 5,095 Max RPM and a 0.080" Kerf
  • 14" blade has a 1" arbor, 4,365 Max RPM and a 0.080" Kerf

Hard GraniteGood
GlassNot Recommended

Questions & Answers (1)

Just want to confirm that the 8" blade had a 1" arbor. Thanks.

The 8" Hot Dog Blade has the following specs: 8" blade has a 5/8" Arbor, 7,640 Max RPM and a 0.050" Kerf

Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews

4.5 (13)

The best of the best,WET or DRY cutting.

by -

this is a wet cutting blade,I use it for dry cutting and on my water saw i use the same MK Hot dog blade,you cant get any better blade than this period!!!! cuts granite,I've cut granitte slabs up to 1 inch thick,marble,porcelan all that you want it will cut and mainly doesnt chip the tile iven if you dry cutting.the best thing about it cuts iven the softest of all soft materials such as the sugar marble which you can find it in window sills.I used nice porcelan blade to cut soft long marble sills it didnt work it was getting stuck,but the grooves on this blade lets you do everything.This is a blade for any type of tile work,you only need this blade and no other one,perfect choice of investment for a tile guy.

Good blade

by -

Good blade. Deflects if you force cuts too fast but wears very well. Bought my 2nd one after lots of use on the 1st. Use it for porcelain.

great all around blade

by -

nice blade I would choose this blade over any other that I have used at this point

the best blade I have ever used

by -

I lay tile for a living and the hot dog blade cuts tile better then any blade I have tried.


by -

use it on job with huskey wet saw 7 in

MK-225 Hot Dog Blade

by -

This blade kicks! I just finished a 200sq.ft porcelain job and it rocked throught the whole thing. I've never had such ease of cutting before. The only downfall is I live in Canada and the brockerage and shipping charges almost double the price of the blade. Hopeing there is a Canadian distributor of this blade.

Not what you would expect from MK

by -

This is not a good blade. I’m a professional contractor not a weekend warrior so you’re getting this tip from somewhat of a reliable source. The blade is to thin, you’re grinding not cutting so thinness really doesn’t matter. The blade heats up real quick when you cut at average speed using max water. I us an MK saw that gets alot of water to the blade. Once the blade gets hot it warps causing wobbling problems so you chip edges and fight to get strait cuts (my table is true). There should be no problems like this; it is very frustrating at the jobsite. Even running the tile through at extremely slow speeds (frustrating again, time is money right? construction is all about professional tradesmen quality work and production if you’re not real good and real quick find another occupation.) The blade wore out very fast. I’m doing 2 porcelain bathrooms now and all my work includes tile work amongst other things .I would suggest using a Raimondi Razor but avoid this one if not be sure to have a spare to replace it with.

Great Buy


This is one of the best blades I have purchased, out of all the blades I have this one is by far my favorite for cutting ceramic and porcelain.

MK's the best


clean cuts through ceramic and porcelain tile, and outlasts every other blade that I have used in the past. The cost is great you can not do better, I would recommend this blade to any professional or amateur.

Great blade for the price


Great blade for cutting ceramic and porcelain standard tiles. It seems too thin to do any clean out cuts, but works great for straight cutting. Looks cool too..

best 10" blade


I run them on my dewalt saws. Been through at least 6 of them. They last about 6 months with every other day use. I used one on a 1 1/4" paver job cutting vusors that tapered to nothing. No problems. They are a consistent blade, you know what your getting. Forget the silly red blade with all the internet hype for twice the price, and with the thick awkward core to work around when cleaning out cuts.

Mk 225 hot dog blade


Used this blade on 24" x 3/8 porcelain tile and gave fast smooth accurate cuts every time. Will buy this blade again



Great product. I use these on a tile saw to cut agate and other semiprecious stone (~6-7 hardness), and each blade will last through many of cuts and can take some real abuse. This is NOT the seller's recommended use for the blade, so if you decide to try it do so at your own risk, and with the understanding that the blade will wear out over time, especially if you are cutting bigger stuff.