1126608 Imer Minuteman II Portable Concrete Mixer

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Manufacturer: Imer
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Imer Minuteman II Portable Cement Mixer


  • Mix 275 lbs of mortar, stucco, grout and concrete in less than 4 minutes


  • The fully enclosed 1/2 hp, 110 V industrial grade motor with direct gear drive provides non-stop performance on any construction project
  • Direct drive gearbox - No belts to tighten, no bearings to grease, absolutely the most reliable drive system available today!
  • These mixers truly are Contractor duty!


  • In just a minute, the Minuteman or Wheelman can be "knocked down" into 3 easy to load components
  • All this by one person, with no tools required!
  • 10 inch wheels
  • Free shipping

Imer Minuteman Portable Concrete Mixer Specifications
Drum Capacity5 cu ft
Batch Output275 lbs / 2.5 cu ft
Motor Rating1/2 hp / 6 amps/ 110 V
Dimensions52 x 57 x 28 in
Weight120 lbs

"The Minuteman continues to reign as the World's finest portable concrete Mixer. Like all champions the Minuteman is a unique blend of power, speed and reliability.

Project-MixingImer Product Application
Mixing Concrete
(small batch-250lbs or less)
Minuteman or Wheelman
Mixing Concrete (large batch 400-800lbs)Workman 250 or 350
Stucco (small batch-1 bag 80lbs or less)Mini Mix 60
Stucco (medium batch-2 bag 80lbs)Mortarman 120
Stucco (large batch 400lbs or more)Workman 250 and 350
Mortar (small batch 80lbs or less)Mini Mix 60
Mortar (small batch 160lbs-270lbs)Mortarman 120 or Minuteman
Mortar (large batch 400lbs-800lbs)Workman 250 or 350

Questions & Answers (12)

8/18/2015 2:33:58 pm

Does the mixing barrel unlock for dumping the mixed concrete
or does the whole machine have to be tilted up & forward to empty the barrel?

The mixing barrel on the Imer Minuteman Portable Concrete Mixer tilts for dumping concrete at a height of 23 inches

8/18/2015 2:38:32 pm

If working on a job site with no temporary power source,
what size portable generator would best be suitable for this particular concrete mixer?

The Imer Minuteman Portable Concrete Mixer requires a 2,000 Watt generator

5/12/2016 12:25:13 pm

How many paddles are inside the drum?

The Imer Minuteman II has two (2) paddles that mount to the inside of the concrete mixer drum.

1/31/2017 6:22:42 pm

Will it mix dry mortar for shower pans?

The best mixer for a dry pack would be the Imer Mortarman 120. Dry pack mortar tends to stick to the sides of barrel mixers.

3/21/2017 12:27:51 pm

How much does it weigh?

This unit weighs approximately 120 lb.

9/20/2019 10:40:32 am

How much do you all sell the motor and gear box assembly?

You can purchase the entire replacement motor and gearbox assembly here.

12/13/2019 1:40:44 pm

What is the total height when assembled and is additional height needed for dumping?

Fully assembled, the MinuteMan stands at 55" tall. No additional height is needed to dump. Once set up, the drum will tilt down for dumping at a height of 23".

5/13/2020 2:15:34 pm

Do you sell just the wheels? I need a set for one that the wheels broke on.

You can purchase the Minuteman replacement wheel here.

5/21/2020 8:52:58 pm

Can I buy the switch control box? My mixer is approximately 9 years old.

Yes, the Imer Minuteman Mixer Electrical box (which includes the switch and the capacitor is part number 3210911. You can purchase it here.

6/4/2020 12:03:30 am

Dónde puedo conseguir el engrane dónde se atornilla el tornillo q une la olla y El motor x El mío se queebro el tornillo y ya no puedo usar el motor asta q le cambié el engrane dónde se atornilla

Consulte el diagrama de piezas en la página 11 del manual. Una vez que sepa el número de pieza que necesita, llame a nuestro centro de servicio al cliente al 1-800-709-0002 para hacer su pedido. Si tiene dificultades para determinar qué parte necesita, comuníquese con el soporte técnico en Imer al 800-275-5463.

Please refer to the parts diagram on page 11 of the manual. Once you know the part number that you need, please call our customer service center at 1-800-709-0002 to place your order. If you are having difficulties figuring out which part you need, please contact technical support at Imer at 800-275-5463.

6/6/2020 6:34:12 pm

Will it mix 2 80 lb bags of Quikcrete?

Yes it will. Please refer to the batch output on the Quikrete bag. Quikrete's Concrete Mix yield's about .15 cubic feet for every 20 pounds of mix, so an 80-pound bag yields .60 cubic feet. The batch output on the 1126608 Imer Minuteman is 2.5 cu ft. That would be approximately 4 bags of Quikrete (80 pound bags).

7/7/2020 3:05:06 pm

I am needing the switch box and lid only. I do not need the parts inside. Can I purchase the box only? And how much? Also I need the fan on the back of the motor?

We sell the Imer parts for this unit. Please call our customer service center at 1-800-709-0002 and one of our agents will gladly assist you.

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IMER Minuteman - Ultimate Workhorse

by -

Bought this to replace the same Imer minuteman I had before that finally gave out after 9 years. Use it for mixing cement for block and rock walls, patios and sidewalks, and host of other home projects. Easy to disassemble for transport to friends homes. Mixes cement thoroughly. Recommend using 5 gallon buckets to fill drum instead of shovel. order I fill water, gravel, sand, and then cement.

Great little machine

by -

Bought mine used and love it. I've used this machine both for my job and at home. My last job at home, I went through about 60, 60# bags of premix, 3 at a time in about 3 1/2 hours. That included skreeting time and a couple of beer breaks.

great for home jobs!

by -

it does everything around home. it does 3 60lb. bags with no problem. its very quiet. it has been very reliable, except for the start button. i had the mixer sit for a while before my next job and the start button chatters. i am a electrician and that chattering comes from dirty contacts. just open it up and clean with contact cleaner or lightly sand contacts if possible. other than that it works great.

Worked like a champ!

by -

Mixed 36 80# bags today. Mixed them 3 at a time. When adding to the mixer I did not baby it. Whump... dumped the bags straight in - one at a time of course. It did not slow down, it did not get unbalanced it did mix concrete very well.



It was impressive. It lasted 3 years. We mixed tons of mortar and cement, something I couldn't do with my gas mortar mixer. The Imer has a good Italian motor and good bearings. Its light and breaks down into two pieces. The best part is the versatility...mortar or cement because of the blades on the inside. You will really like this mixer

A nice portable easy to handle cement mixer


I like the mixer, it’s easy to wheel around, take apart and load into the truck. It’s quite, mixes mud nicely, so I think it’s worth the money.
Mine came damaged by the trucking company, I wasn’t home so there it was in the driveway, they pack the mixing paddles inside the drum, they pack shredded cardboard around everything and I think they do a good job in there packing but it’s heavy and it’s not on a pallet. The trucking guys don’t like that and throw it around so badly that the steel paddles dent the drum. The dents are so bad the paint chips off the outside, you should be home when it comes and if the box looks like a bus hit it then you will need to open it and inspect it before taking delivery.