Marshalltown White Medium 60 grit Conditioning Stick

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Product Details

Product Details

Marshalltown White Medium 60 Grit Dressing Stick

Use this block to "dress" your diamond blade or core bit for a cleaner cut and a longer life. This block effectively removes the initial layer of material that has attached to the blade, exposing the diamonds underneath.


  • Specially formulated 60 grit dressing stone is used to enhance the cutting surfaces
  • Also used to clean the edge of the tile after cutting with a hand cutter
  • Size 1" x 2" x 8"
  • For glass pencil edging wheel and metal bond diamond blades
  • Soak sticks in water or coolant prior to use you will have greater control of the removal of the wheel bond and less dust on the job-site
  • Note: a well dressed blade results in greater productivity and greater profits
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1/16/2015 5:02 pm

Good Rub Stone

by TZ -

Marshalltown tools cost a little bit more, but they make superior tools to the others. I still have a very old Marshalltown margin trowel from the 90s. I use this stone to either dress the blade on my wet saw, or rub the edge of cut tiles to eliminate chips from cutting tiles. Most of the time my big wet saw cuts so clean there is no need to rub the tile edges. But for some cuts that do slightly have chips after the cut, or after cutting with the grinder, this stone works fantastic. Much better than the files or mesh that is sold for the same purpose. I always have one of these near my wet saw and grinder on jobs.

1/16/2015 5:02 pm

Have used before and will use again

by Randy -

The Tavy system is a trowel-on, water resistant, crack isolation membrane, with fabric overlay, for use under tile, and is priced right. I've used it many times in place of concrete board over plywood and OSB. Any questions I had regarding the product were responded to immediately by Tavy and that was certainly appreciated. The only problem I've run into with plywood (CDX) and OSB (the smooth side) is that I typically end up using about 1-1/2 gallons of the glue per 100 sf of area, rather than 1 gallon per 100 sf (otherwise I would have given a 5-star rating).

6/8/2019 11:09 am

Rubbing stone

by Paul

Familiar with the product. Quality as expected. Performs better after breaking it in. Wears slowly to smooth cut tile edges.
Great for dressing diamond blades too