Mapei ECO Prim Grip Bond-Promoting Primer - 1 Gallon

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Product Details

Product Details

Mapei ECO Prim Grip Multipurpose Bond-Promoting Primer - 1 Gallon

ECO Prim Grip is a ready-to-use-VOC, synthetic resin-based primer with bond-promoting silica aggregates suspended in a dispersion. It enhances the performance and adhesion of mortars to existing ceramics and difficult to bond to substrates.


  • Ready-to-use gray latex, which is easy to apply with a roller or brush
  • Quick dry time around 30 minutes, 150-300 sf depending on the porosity of the substrate you are applying it to.
  • 1-component, versatile primer for a wide variety of substrate conditions
  • Single-coat application for faster turnaround and lower installation costs.
  • Eliminate demolition time and expense.
  • Low-odor and VOC compliance great for use in interior, occupied environments
  • Provides a rough keying surface ideal for polymer-modified mortars, render costs and leveling compounds, ensuring excellent bond on smooth and low-absorptive substrates
  • Former MPN 36153000
Questions & Answers
2 questions

Will this product bond to polished marble?

Yes but we recommend that you still scarify the surface for vertical tiling, but it doesn't have to be a lot. You can use a sander machine to do the job in about an hour. Just need to get the front layer scuffed.

Make sure the area is good and clean with no dust before applying the ECO Prim Grip.

In addition, it may work for horizontal tiling and you can get away with only 1 coat as long as the marble isn't showing through; if it is just put on another coat.

Will it work to apply over a formica backsplash that I want to put tile on. The formica is smooth and in good condition but I question the condition of the wall under it if its removed.

Yes, that will work as long as the Formica has no waxes or bond breakers; and is stable.

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