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Laticicrete Hydroban Liquid Waterproofing

Laticrete Hydro Ban Waterproofing Membrane 1 Gallon


Does the estimate of 50 Sq Ft include more than one coat?

The one gallon should give you 2 coats easily but this also depends on how thick it is applied. On Most applications users have a little left over.

How long will Hydroban keep once opened?

Once unsealed, use within 3-4 months exposure to air will begin to dry it out.

In a shower pan, can this product be used instead of using a shower pan liner?

HYDRO BAN is a thin, load bearing waterproofing/crack isolation membrane that DOES NOT require the use of fabric in the field, coves or corners. HYDRO BAN is a single component self curing liquid rubber polymer that forms a flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane. HYDRO BAN bonds directly to a wide variety of substrates.

What color is Laticrete Hydroban? Is there a difference in color between when the Hydroban is still wet or when it is cured?

Laticrete HydroBan when applied is a light sage color as it cures it turns into a olive green color.

Can this be sprayed on?

And is this something that would act as an appropriate sealant for a metal ceiling and girders in a damp basement area?

Yes, this can be sprayed on, however, there are certain steps you need to take to assure it works correctly. Please reference the manual here. Though the Hydroban will bond to metals, we do not recommend its use anywhere other than a tiled application.

What's the shelf life of Hydroban?

Factory sealed containers of this product are guaranteed to be of first quality for two (2) years* if stored at temperatures >32°F (0°C) and <110°F (43°C).

I need to waterproof some hardwood and Plywood floors before the installation of glue on carpet will this work?

If not do you have a product that will?

Hydroban will work over exterior glue plywood, but not over hardwood. Nothing is recommended over hardwood as it's too dimensionally unstable. Also, the carpet adhesive can't be solvent based.

I'm redoing a shower pan and was wondering if Hydro Ban will apply over the concrete base that has had a previous layer of tar over it. I've tried cleaning and sanding the tar (which has hardened) down to level as best as possible. Was wondering if Hydro Ban is compatible to be brushed over? Thank you!

It is not recommend to best used over that type of surface as there can be issues with bonding and getting tight seal. A liner type system might work best in this application.

I have seen that this product should be applied over plywood when doing interior applications. However, would it be OK to apply this over plywood on an exterior balcony? And if not, why not?

Per industry standards, applying this over over any type of wood exterior isn't approved. You would first need to lay a substrate that is suitable for that application such as a exterior rated cement board. You can then waterproof over the cement board.

Can Hydro Ban be used on exterior cinder block walls?

It is not recommended for use on cinder blocks walls as the block may be too pourous.

Can this product be used over DensShield tile backer, without a primer?

Are any typical construction sealants incompatible with this product?

Hydro Ban can work with most name brand tile backers but is recommended to be used with Hydro Ban Board. There are no known restrictions for construction sealants with Hydro Ban.

Are recommend adhesives used for Dumawall installations such as Loctite Power Grab Ultimate, compatible with this membrane?

Laticrete recommends that you do not use solvent-based adhesives directly on HYDRO BAN. Please refer to the installation instructions when using this product.

Once hydro ban has cure can i use any polymer modified all purpose thinset to set tile in shower?

Yes you can use a polymer modified thinset over hydroban.