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Imer MIX 120 Portable mortar mixer with dust control cover option

Imer 120 Mortar Mixer with iDust Grate


How much weight of material can the mixer handle? My batch's for sand bed are 200 lbs of sand 50 lbs 3/8" aggregate and 6 gallons of epoxy.

You are at about the limit of weight the machine can carry. It has a 15 amp, 120 Volt motor that can have some trouble moving such a heavy pack. You may want to get the larger Mortarman 360 Series Mixer. For a detailed explanation, please call Imer USA at 1-800-275-5643. Their tech team is very knowledgeable about the specs of their products.

What is the smallest batch that you could do in this mixer and still get a consistently good mix?

The minimum Imer recommends the following:

50 lbs of mix with aggregates
100 lbs of mix without aggregates

Trying to decide if this is the right machine for me and make concrete statues I mix 1. 2. 3. Portland Cement Small rock gravel Send With this mix good in this mixer where’s the best place to buy it if so thank you

This mixer is made to be used for mortar, stucco, grout, dry pack, floor leveler, refractory mud, or specially bagged material. If you feel this is the right mixer for you we offer it at a great price here on our website.

The picture shows a green top with a limited opening for adding material. When you scroll the next picture it shows a white top with the entire surface being grated to allow material to be added. Which top does this machine come with?

This will come with the white top, as that is the standard model. The green lid is a dust control cover option that is a separate feature. That item can be purchased separately.

Please call our customer service center at 1-800-709-0002 to inquire about purchasing the dust control cover.

We use a 4 to 1 ratio (8) 50lb bags and (1) Portland cement. 500lb total of dry pack. Is that suitable for this machine?

Unfortunately the 1194302 MORTARMAN 120 MIXER cannot mix that much at once. Imer recommends mixing half of that instead with this machine.

Where is the mortar man manufactured?

This is manufactured in Italy.