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What blade does this saw come with and What material can I cut with the installed blade?

The Gemini Taurus saw that we sell comes with the Mega Blade as it is able to cut a wide variety of products including tile, marble, granite and some glass.

Does this saw come with a water pump?

No this saw does not use a water pump instead the water is picked up by the blade from the basin.

How thick a material can you cut? Most tiles are 1/4 inch or less. Can you cut 1 inch thick material?

The Gemini Taurus 3 Tile Shaper Ring Saw is designed for thin material like stain glass and soft tile. If you try cut porcelain the blade will cut through the drive belt. The Gemini Revolution XT is the best option for thick material and porcelain.

I am interested in this for stained glass projects. How long does a blade usually last and where do you get a replacement blade and what is it's cost?

The life of the blade depends on the type and thickness of the material. Click here for Gemini Taurus 3 replacement blades

What is the warranty policy for the Gemini Taurus 3 ring saw?

Gemini Saw Company, Inc warrants the Gemini Taurus 3 ring saw and all of its component parts to be free of defects in materials or workmanship. All of these components except wear parts* are under warranty for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Note: Wear Parts include Blades, Bearings, Drive Belt, and Grommets.

Can the stabilizer foot assembly be removed to provide a greater throat height? If so, what would then be the maximum throat?

We do not recommend the Gemini Taurus 3 Ring Saw for thicker material. It works best with thin stained glass and soft tile. When cutting thicker material or harder material like porcelain the blade has a tendency to cut through the belt. A better option would be the Gemini Apollo or Gemini Revolution XT ring saw.

What is the max. thickness of granite the Gemini Taurus can cut?

The stock Mega Blade can cut granite up to 3/4" thick, however, you may have to remove the saw's stabilizer foot to utilize the full 3/4" cutting capacity.

How do I change the motor? Need to fit 220v for Australian use.

A 220/240 international voltage model is available for custom order. Please send an email to and we'll be glad to help!

Can I order taurus 3 saw with a standard blade?

The Taurus 3 saw that we carry is packaged with a Mega Blade due to the majority of our customers cutting material that requires the Gemini Mega Blade.

Can this saw be used to cut Crystal Quartz or Carborundum (ie. Ruby or Sapphire)?

The diamond blade can likely cut just about any hard material.

The blade has to do more work as the material hardness increases, which slows down the rate of cutting.

In short: Yes it will cut ruby, but it will be at a slow rate and the cut edge is susceptible to chipping while being cut.

The saw cuts great but the edges are rougher than I expected. The face is a ground edge but the edges are chipped and not smooth. Is there any fix for this?

The Gemini Taurus saw that we offer comes standard with the Mega Blade, this blade is able to cut through many materials however it may be too aggressive for some softer materials. I would recommend trying the standard blade or you can call Gemini saw customer support (310) 891-0288 .

Does this machine cut ceramic tiles 4mm to 5mm thick? I'm very keen on getting one and have watched a video using the mega blade to cut stone and granite. I just want to mostly cut ceramic wall tiles. Cheers

Here are the specs for the Mega Blade Kit - Material Thickness Capacity: 3/4", normal use is fused glass, stained glass, ceramic tile, or stone - You may have to remove the stabilizer foot to use the full 3/4" capacity.

I'm cutting 3/8" thick mosaic Travertine marble for a back splash on my tub saw and having a hard time with the marble chipping, will the Taurus 3 work on this brittle marble without chipping????
Note: the pieces are diamond shape and the chipping occurs at the corners.

We cannot say for certain how the Gemini Taurus 3 will perform for your application. The Taurus 3 is great for delicate, intricate cuts so it may likely perform well for your task. The trick would to cut as slowly and steadily as possible to minimize the potential for chipping.

Can this ring saw cut through sea glass? If so, what maximum thickness?

You can cut sea glass using the Taurus 3 saw with the Slicer Blade. If you are doing intricate cuts, the glass shouldn't be more than 3/8" thick.

I know you make a mega blade, a separating blade, but do you make a separating mega blade?

There are no separating mega blades available. These blades are for 2 specific types of cuts, thus the separate SKUs.

I have a Taurus Ring Saw but I’m having difficulty with the blade coming off track. Is it possible for the saw to be sent in for diagnosis of the problem and repair?

Repairs are handled by Gemini Saw Company directly. Please contact them at 310-891-0288 and ask for Barbara. She will assist you in the repair process.

Do you have any idea of when you will have more of these in stock?

This item is expected back into stock the week of July 20, 2020. Thank you for your patience. Please call our customer service center at 1-800-709-0002 should you wish to place an order prior to this date.

How can I tell which model I have? I need a complete rebuild kit because all the rubber wheels have all designated. My ring appears ok. The machine is over 10 years old. I only cut stained glass with it. Which kit should I order?

If the basin of your unit is red then you have a Taurus 3. If the basin of your unit is grey then you would have the Taurus 2. The rebuild kit for these units can be found HERE.

Will this saw cut plate glass ?

This unit can cut plate glass that does not exceed 1/4" thick. If you are looking for straight lines or shapes, we would recommend either the mega or slicer blade. If you are looking for more eccentric cuts, we recommend using the standard or fine blade.

I am looking for something to help me cut bottles (wine bottles, booze bottles, etc.). Would using this allow me to cut bottles in half by itself?

No, we would not recommend using this saw to cut glass bottles.

The 1100 Apollo Ring Saw would be the recommended saw to use to cut all kinds of bottles with the double sided sintered fine blade Y0736 or the fine Rigid blade Y0734.

As pictured ,do you get the platform with this?

Yes, this comes as a complete unit

What belt comes installed on this saw with the Mega blade. the standard or Flocked belt.

The Mega, Speed, and Slicer Blade will come with the flocked belt.