DTA Wedge Lippage System Wedges

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Product Details

Product Details

DTA Wedge Lippage System Wedges

DTA has introduced a 3-part wedge system for eliminating lippage during your tile installation. The re-usable wedges work to hold the tile spacer in place while applying pressure on the tile while the mortar, thinset or adhesive dries for a perfect tile installation.


  • Re-usable wedges
  • Work in conjunction with tile spacers for a 1/16" grout joint
  • Minimum tile thickness - 1/8"
  • Maximum tile thickness - 1/2"
  • 40 mm adjustment
  • Ideal for floor or wall tile installation

Steps for installation

  • Place Lippage Spacer between tiles 4" from both ends of tile
  • Once tile and spacer are in place, fasten the Wedges
  • Clamp the two pieces together leveling the tiles, using the tool gun, to hold the tiles in place while the tile adhesive sets
  • Once tile adhesive has dried, simply kick the Wedges along the grout joint to remove. Use white rubber mallet to remove from walls. Grout to finish tiled area
  • Remove wedges from floors for re-use
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