Diteq DI-HARD Concrete Hardener/Densifier

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Product Details

Product Details

Diteq DI-HARD Concrete Hardener/Densifier, Standard Formula

DITEQ’s DI-HARD Concrete Hardener/Densifier for Polished Concrete Floors is designed to penetrate the top surface of the concrete to react chemically with the concrete slab to create a harder skin. DiHard is not a topical coating - it must penetrate into the slab for it to work. DiHard comes in a ready-to-use state — do not dilute or mix with other chemicals.


  • Remove all loose de-laminating parts of the slab surface and all surface coatings, curing/sealing compounds, oil stains and open the top of the concrete slab to aid in the penetration of the DI-HARD product
  • DI-HARD was developed to compliment a diamond grinding and polishing system
  • It is recommended that freshly poured concrete be allowed to cure for 30 days to achieve the maximum advantage of DI-HARD


  • Apply DI-HARD to the point of rejection of the concrete surface
  • DI-HARD can be applied in multiple coats
  • The typical concrete slab surface coverage is approximately 100 to 300 sq-ft per gallon
  • DI-HARD requires a mechanical scrubbing action to work it into the slab surface with a stiff broom or rotary disc scrubbing machine with a nonabrasive pad
  • Do not dilute product
  • Apply DI-HARD to the floor uniformly with a low pressure sprayer or pour out and broom evenly across the slab. KEEP THE SURFACE WET with additional DI-HARD product (or clean water) the entire time it is being applied and mechanically scrubbed into the slab surface
  • Application time is around 20 to 30 minutes at which time the product will gel and become very slippery - CAUTION - SLIP HAZARD on the slab surface when the product gels
  • Rinse and clean the surface thoroughly with clean water after it gels to remove all excess material from the slab surface that has not penetrated the concrete
  • Clean up all standing water on all low-lying areas
  • A white residue upon drying will appear if not properly rinsed
  • A second coat can be applied immediately after the slab is cleaned
  • Follow the same procedures of application (coverage rates on multiple coats significantly improves)
  • Let the slab dry for 2 to 4 hours after the last application before continuing the grinding and polishing processes


  • 1 Gallon Bottle - Part No. 160940
  • 5 Gallon Bucket - Part No. 160941
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