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Does this cut mitres? - as in angles if your tiling brick on a inside 45* can you cut the angle so the face reaches out tight to the wall?

es this saw can make miter cuts. it has an Integrated 45/22.5° miter feature for quick angled cuts.

Can I get this saw with a stand with wheels?

Unfortunately, at this time the manufacturer does not offer a stand with wheels for this unit

Does it come with a stationary stand?

Yes, this saw does include a DeWalt D24001 folding stand

I have a dewalt 2400 and am thinking of buying one of these. I do a lot of stone work and the 2400 blade does not lift up far enough for some stone I use as I like to score the back and break the stone. Does the 3600 lift further back? Or further up I should say.

The D36000S and the D24000S both have the same height clearance. There won't be a difference in the height of the blade.

What size is the box this product comes in?

This is shipped in a 30" x 25" x 36" box.

Does it have an accessory table to rip a 48" tile?

DeWalt does not offer an extension table to rip 48" tiles on this saw. The max rip cut is 36".

Can you use the same water pan for the D36000s and the D24000?

No you can't, as the pans are different dimensions for the two saws. The D36000 pan is part number N644173. The D24000 pan is part number N597124.