Barwalt Set-N-Seal Toilet Bowl Seal

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Product Details

Product Details

Barwalt Set-N-Seal Toilet Bowl Seal

The Barwalt Set-N-Seal flexible foam toilet bowl seal replaces the standard, messy wax rings of old. The foam ring can be easily re-positioned and won't absorb any water.


  • Comprised of closed cell foam that will not absorb moisture
  • Flexible seal won't break the seal even if there is movement
  • Will not deteriorate over time
  • Flange introduces waste well into the drain
  • Seal ring will handle up to a 3/4" oak floor with the drain flush with the sub floor
  • If floor flange is more than 1/4" above finished floor, there will not be enough space to compress seal
  • For 3" flanges, set gasket on bolts and push the flange down into the 3" drain
  • For offset flanges, trim the seal flange to fit the shallow depth without affecting the flow of waste
  • Irregular Flange - if the ledge and the floor drain hole does not allow the flange to extend into the inside not to cause some obstruction, then cut the flange shorter to extend just to the bottom of the ledge, but not any further
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Installation Instructions

  • Clean all wax off the toilet and the floor flange
  • Install the toilet bolts and the plastic washers
  • The flange can be as much as 3/8" below the finished floor and one seal ring will work (If the flange is at 3/8" below or more, please add the IPS Part #86208 spacer ring)
  • Align and put on the Set N Seal ring, with 8 slots facing up
  • Push the seal ring flange down into the inside of the floor flange hole
  • Place the toilet bowl in position with 2 bolts extending through the base
  • Now add the plastic base for the bolt covers, provided by the toilet manufacturer, then add the metal washers and nuts (Remember to follow these instructions - VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Alternately tighten both nuts and bring down the toilet until it touches the floor - check toilet for alignment with the wall
  • NOTE: The foam seal may appear to be too thick, however, as you tighten the nuts, the foam seal will compress down to become level with the bathroom floor
  • Next put a level on the toilet to make sure it is level from side to side. If not, loosen the nut on the low side and the toilet will rise. When level, take the flour blue shims and shim the back and front on each side. Now tighten the two nuts until the toilet will not move. (Be careful not to over tighter then nuts which could break the toilet)
  • Trim off the shims with a chisel. Mix sanded grout and fill in the gap around the toilet. Wash off the excess with a sponge. When hardened the grout will support the toilet.

What's Included?
  • Set N Seal Foam Toilet Bowl Seal
  • 2 Bolts
  • 2 Nuts
  • 2 Metal Washers
  • 2 Plastic Washers
  • 4 Blue Shims
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