Tuscan Leveling System Re-Usable Caps

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Product Details

Product Details

Tuscan Leveling System Re-Usable Caps Supplied by Pearl Abrasive

Will greatly assist you for the installation of stone and ceramic tiles. It is designed to create a virtual lippage free installation with stone and ceramic tiles. The system interlocks the tiles, virtually creating a single flat slab surface while the setting material is curing. minimize the possibility of shrinkage or warping. No need to re-lift tiles to add more mud and/or the process of shimming tiles. Increase the speed of installation.


  • 2-piece system that virtually eliminates lippage during tile installation
  • Passes standard industrial (TCNA Robinson) compression test
  • Recommended for gauged tiles 12" or larger
  • For tiles of uniform thickness only (gauged tile)
  • New Wing straps for un-gauged tiles Available
  • Designed to help eliminate or minimizing lippage in ungauged tile with up to 2mm difference
  • Very easy to learn and use at any skill level
  • Prevents tiles from moving while curing
  • More profitable for the installer
  • Re-usable caps
  • Reduces installer fatigue/stress
  • Virtually lippage free mirror flat surface drastically reduces the need for grinding and polishing

Prior To Use

  • Each Time a new box of straps is opened, they must be soaked in lukewarm water for 2 hours or hot water for 30 minutes prior to use. Soaking is one time only
  • The nylon strap is designed to absorb moisture so it will stretch during installation. This strap is engineered in a way that as the mortar is drying it pulls the moisture out of the strap, making the strap more brittle so that the strap can snap off cleanly after the setting material drying is complete
  • Tool is specific to this system only can not be used on other similar
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