7686 Raimondi Tile Leveling System Pliers

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Manufacturer: Raimondi
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Raimondi Tile Leveling System Pliers, RLS

Raimondi Leveling Spacers have been sold in Europe for quite a few years and finally we're able to introduce them to you!


  • If you're a tile installer, you're well aware of how difficult it is to properly set flexible, large format, heavy, or low-thickness tiles because, often times, the floor foundation is uneven and/or contains imperfections
  • Tiles that seemed uniformly leveled while first installing them can show differences as the tile adhesive sets, compromising the overall aesthetics of your initial hard work
  • With the Raimondi Leveling Spacers, this potential is no longer a threat to your perfect tile project
  • In addition to ensuring the proper leveling of tiles, this system helps speed the tile setting process
  • Greatly improves the overall quality of your tile project
  • Both installation and removal of the spacers are quick and easy!
  • Sturdy Tile Wedge holds tiles better than competitors
  • Works well with both Wall and Floor projects!
  • Tiles are not pulled from the thinset, they're pushed into it
  • Rather than worrying about voids and coverage, RLS spacers further enhance your thinset adhesion to your tiles!

Technical Data

How to use

  • STEP 1: After spreading your tile adhesive, insert leveling spacer underneath the tiles along the 4 sides, use traditional spacers as you normally would to square up the corners. For larger tiles, it may be necessary to "double up", using 2 leveling spacers for each side
  • STEP 2: Set the tile and beat it with a rubber mallet
  • STEP 3: Use the special traction-adjustable pliers to insert the wedge into the leveling spacers, paying attention not to pass the breakpoint
  • STEP 4: Once the tile adhesive has been allowed to set. Remove the leveling spacers with the traction-adjustable pliers, rubber mallet, or kicking them out with your feet

Questions & Answers (2)

8/11/2015 12:14:19 pm

What is the difference between the Raimondi Floor Pliers and the Raimondi Wall Pliers?

The RLS Floor Pliers compress horizontally for maximum comfort and efficiency while working on the floor, whereas the RLS Wall Pliers compress vertically for optimal ergonomics and performance while working against a wall.

8/11/2015 2:02:00 pm

Do I need to buy both pliers if I'm installing both a tile floor and tile wall?

Although having the right tool for each job is always recommended, either Raimondi Pliers can be used for both wall and floor installations. However, the user may experience increased fatigue when using the RLS Floor Pliers for wall jobs, or the RLS Wall Pliers for floor jobs because the orientation of the tool becomes less ergonomic and less comfortable to use.

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