Raimondi Easy Grout Cleaning System

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Product Details

Product Details

Raimondi Easy Grout Cleaning System


  • New Wash Bucket with bag for the collection of grout residual
  • Eliminated the times to clean the wash bucket
  • For cleaning grout from walls and floors
  • New rollers style, with edges to avoid water dripping
  • Bucket is made of impact resistant plastic for longer life
  • Three plastic rollers fitted with wear-resistant sockets
  • New rollers style, with edges to avoid water dripping
  • 3 news rollers with edges for avoiding water dripping down side, rollers are at a 15 degree incline to create natural arm movement
  • Wear resistant sockets for roller housing
  • The high capacity tank (2,7 gal) reduce the need for frequent water change

Go Green

  • New Eco-Friendly wash bucket, thanks to the removable plastic bag (can be used with or without bag), it is now "EASY" to remove grout residue as well as dirty water
  • This system of disposing dirty water is especially useful when doing a job on upper levels and residential areas where it is more difficult to accomplish this task
  • When job is complete, dispose the bag in trash or put a small hole on side of the bag draining water and then dispose the remaining bag with residue in trash
  • Also available replacement bag WBDPBE, Roll of 20 bags

What's Included?

  • Raimondi Easy Grout Cleaning Machine
  • 1 Yellow Sponge with Quick Snap Handle
  • 1 Roll of 5 Bags
  • User and Maintenance Manual
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3/29/2015 10:30 pm

Very clean wipe.

by Tile Guy

This is very similar to the Barwalt version which I also have. I have used it to clean a 500 sf floor with only 1 water change and did not need to do a second wipe except for a streak here and there that I missed. An experience grouter can use this tool to get the floor unbelievable clean in one pass when used correctly.

The bag system seemed unecessary until I realized that water will pour out of the handle arm pivots holes if no bag is used. This unit is wider and has a much lower center of gravity than the Barwalt model making it much less likely to ever flip over. It only has wheels on the front so you need to tip it forward to move it around. The wheels should be swivel because most of the time you are going sliding to the side not forwards or backwards. The three roller system gets the sponge really dry without having to use super human pressure and there is almost no drippage at all from sponge or machine. The grout sponge handle seems like cheap hard plastic unlike the rubber Barwalt. The sponge is one solid surface unlike the Barwalt which has a bunch of slits cut in it. Not having the slits doesn't seem to effect cleaning ability, perhaps better with out them.

So far this machine is really great and will chop your wiping time in half with wayyyyyy less haze versus a hand sponge. If this ever broke I would absolutely buy another one than have to go back to doing a large floor by hand. I would prob choose this over the Barwalt because the Barwalt seems to flip over every time I let anyone else use it and flipping over the water bucket sucks.

1 star off for cheap sponge handle, need to use bags ( or water comes out of the handle pivot holes, needs wheels so you can drag the bucket sideways not forward.

4 stars on for making a tedious job unbelievably faster and easier

11/26/2015 8:15 am

almost good

by reviewer

works very similar to the Barwalt kit.

Would give more stars but the major flaws: 1. need to use bags, leaks all over the place without them. 2. wheels are going the wrong direction. they only roll forward and backwards. why do they not roll sideways the direction you actually drag the the thing? did an actual installer test this before bringing it to market? 3 even with the bags water somehow ends up filling the lower bucket anyway.