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214 Positive Weep Hole Protector

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Product Details

Product Details

Positive Weep Hole Protector

This patented clear plastic ring is designed to keep mortar from the weep holes in a drain. The ridges of the Positive Weep Protector allow for water to flow underneath the mortar and into weep holes


  • For use with the Quick Pitch and Pre-Pitch shower installation kits
  • Drainage disk for placement around a drain opening in a floor
  • Positioned between the floor pan and the mortar laid over the floor pan
  • Valleys in the disk provide drainage from the pan to the weep channels in the drain receptor
  • Helps prevent water from sitting between the shower pan liner and mortar bed
  • The inner and outer diameter of the disk are perforated to allow for customization depending on shower drain size

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4/4/2018 3:44 pm

works good

by tileworks

Used on a shower concrete based to prevent the weep hole from clogging during the concrete installation. Usually small pea stones are used. making it much more controlled and even. useful product.