Pearl Abrasive P4 Turbo Mesh Diamond Blades

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Product Details

Product Details

Pearl P4 Turbo Mesh Blades for Porcelain and Granite

Turbo-mesh rim virtually eliminates heat caused by friction for clean, chip-free cuts through porcelain, ceramic, and stone.


  • Thin Turbo-Mesh rim and core for fast cutting and minimal chipping
  • Ideal for cutting extra hard ceramics, porcelain and other hard/dense materials
  • Extra long life
  • These blades are designed for wet or dry cutting

Additional Information

  • Don't drop and jam in the cut
  • Don't leave on the a grinder when not in use
  • Don't grind and twist in the cut or side stress
  • Inspect blades before each use for any damage
  • Always leave the guard on a grinder

Pearl P4 Turbo Mesh Diamond Blade Specifications
Blade Size4"4-1/2"5"6"7"10"
Rim Height7 mm7 mm7 mm7 mm7 mm7 mm
Arbor20 mm - 5/8"5/8"5/8"5/8"5/8"5/8"

MarbleNot Recommended
Hard GraniteGood
GlassNot Recommended

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9/22/2016 12:27 pm

10" and 5" Pearl blade

by Handyman

This is a good blade for the money but the biggest draw back is the thicker reinforcement at the arbor hole may not allow you to put the nut back on. The 10 inch worked ok for my Brutus 10" wet saw but the 4.5" did not fit my Alpha 5" hand held wet/dry arbor saw. The nut did not have enough thread to put it back on.

9/27/2016 9:13 am

Cuts Good

by Gene

Cuts better than expected. Very clean. Treat her with care though so you do not compromise the rim.

2/25/2017 9:54 am

great blade

by btm -

used it for huge porcelain job worked great for all miters my saw could not make

6/11/2017 5:29 pm

10" Pearl Turbo Mesh Blade

by David

Very pleased, fast clean cuts. Purchased for a new Pearl VX10 Saw.
Also very pleased with Contractors Direct service and fast shipping.

12/9/2021 7:02 pm

Smooth cutting blade

by Chtis -

Best overall blade for its cost ,I only wish the blade would last a little longer

1/5/2022 3:43 pm

warning: Inner arbor bushing came loose!

by Jenjen10 -

I've used this blade and the overall performance is great. Smooth cuts through granite and porcelain but they don't seem to last long - especially if you are using it to make bevel cuts.
The main reason my rating is low is because the inner bushing (used to make the opening 5/8)came loose and it caused my Dewalt saw to vibrate like it was going to lift off the ground and sling the blade loose.
I feel like this is dangerous for them to come loose. The clamp and screw was on tight but as soon as the bushing came loose the saw reacted violently. I hadn't had this happen before and hopefully it won't again. There were also tale-tell signs that I dismissed before it completely came loose (saw sounded "different", saw seemed to vibrate more than usual, the depth knobs etc. had vibrated loose). Anyway, just a general heads up for anyone else using this blade or any blade with arbor bushings.