6091 Pearl DTL10HPXL P4 10" Porcelain Diamond Blade

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Manufacturer: Pearl Abrasive





Pearl Abrasive P4 10" DTL10HPXL Porcelain Diamond Blade

The Pearl Abrasive DTL10HPXL is a high performance diamond blade for wet cutting porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, granite, and extra hard tile. The teardrop laser slots help cool the blade to ensure quick and clean cuts through the toughest materials.


  • Smooth thin kerf for chip-free cutting
  • Laser cut cooling holes dissipate heat for fast, clean cuts and extended blade life
  • High strength core minimizes blade wobble and deflection
  • Special bond design if highly effective when cutting hard porcelain
  • Outperforms other premium porcelain blades
  • Aggressive diamond matrix for wet cutting porcelain
  • These blades are designed for wet cutting only

Technical Specifications

  • Rim Height 8mm (5/16")
  • Kerf 0.060"
  • Maximum RPM 6,100
  • Arbor Size 5/8" Arbor

Hard GraniteGood
GlassNot Recommended

Questions & Answers (5)

8/4/2015 3:44:02 pm

My blade was cutting fast at first but after some use it has slowed down why is this happening?

Diamond blades can become glazed over after some cutting and it is best to use a dressing stone to restore the performance of the blade. Most diamond blade manufacturers recommend dressing your blade every 60 linear feet to ensure proper cutting. Click here for Diamond Blade Dressing Stones!

10/3/2016 8:47:16 am

I'm so tired of trying blade after blade now that 95% of tile is Porcelain. Overkill for residential use in my opinion.

It's getting expensive experimenting with all the different types; thin, thick kerf and tapered blades such as the Razor T3 which allow for straight cuts only, no plunging.

Yes I have all the best dressing stones...red, gold, yellow, etc.

I've had pearl blades in my cart numerous times and then take them out, because of those reviews stating, that it's basically average.

Honestly now, long are they really lasting, basing it on, a say 100 sq ft a day of Porcelain?

I see they now have a P4 Reactor blade with ADM. Problem is, no reviews yet.
Any opinions in regards to your first hand results would be great.
Myself and my wallet thank you in advance.

Thank you for contacting Contractors Direct. We have found from testimonies that porcelain tile manufacturing improvements have resulted in harder and more dense tile. Diamond blade manufacturers are doing what they can to keep up with growing demand for more effective blades. Manufacturers do not advertise longevity due to the environmental factors involved (i.e. type of tile, amount of water used, pressure applied to blade etc.)

4/15/2017 5:23:02 pm

Can i use this blade to cut porcelain and ceramic tile ?

Good question. This 10 inch diamond blade will cut both porcelain and ceramic tiles with great results. We always recommend to use a dressing stone as well to condition the blade.

4/15/2017 5:47:09 pm

Will this blade work on a wet saw ?

Thank you for contacting Contractors Direct.

This blade will work on 10 inch tile saws with a 5/8 inch arbor.

7/24/2017 9:51:22 pm

does this blade have the extra material on the center of the blade like the razor T3? I find it helps with the wobble big time.

The Razor T3 requires the thicker hub due to the thinner rim .050" the thicker hub reduces the chances of the blade walking. The Pearl abrasive blade has a rim kerf of .060" and the thicker core is not required or needed for accurate cuts.


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I Highly Recommend it......

One of the best

by -

One of the best I have used. This lasted through 15+ jobs and thousands of cuts. Most of my jobs are porcelain tiles so less expansive blades cut slow in comparison and don't last like this one will.

Better than the last blade I had!!

by -

I did a lot of checking and heard a lot of good things about this blade and another higher dollar one. Decided to give this a shot and it does very well. I have set about 600 sq ft of tile in a pinwheel pattern or on a 45 degree angle (a lot of short and long cuts on 18 inch tile) and the blade has done great. For the $$$, definitely a great deal!

Best porcelain blade we have found.

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This is the most durable porcelain blade we have found in ten years of cutting nothing but porcelain. Every other blade we have tried has become dull, {some as fast as two days} or has gone out of round or starts cutting crooked. I have used one of these blades constantly 8hrs a day for up to four weeks with no problem.

Needed for porcelain tile

by -

This blade was recommended by the on-line staff. It cuts easy and goes through porcelain tile well. After doing a couple of walls, I did dress the blade with the dressing stone that came with the MK100 tile saw.

great blade

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this blade cuts all porcelain yet it will cut marble too when needed. Its super sharp i buy a different porcelain blade each time they go but this ones sweet


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I read the reviews and decided to try this blade.. I remodel homes to use as rentals and by far the best blade I have ever used. No flex,no wobble,no issues. Now that i have found this blade I plan on ordering several more for the future.

Good blade for the money.

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This is a good blade for porcelain. Very little chipping and cuts fast. Life span is good especially when compared to other blades in the same price range. I have tried a lot of different blades and have purchased this one 3 times in a row now.

Great Blade

by -

I have only used this blade for one job but it works fantastic.

Pear Blade

by -

I have been self employed for over twenty five years in the Tile & Stone Industry and this is by far the best blade in the business and a great price. It last three times longer than any other blade for cutting porcelain and hard stones.

Nice blade


Cut through porcelain with ease. This is the blade to have.

Nice blade ..


Replaced a Razor T3 with this, now cutting tile is a pleasure again, this is a much more useful and durable blade.

Great Recommendation! Great Blade! Better Price!

by -

This is by far one of the best porcelain blades I have ever used and I used them all. This blade cuts fast, cuts clean, and lasts!!! Contractors Direct recommended I try this blade after having some issues with another brand and they knocked it out of the park! Another reason why I shop here great selection of tools and they know what a contractor needs. They are not tied to a brand like some other companies I have dealt with. The salesman said something along the lines of "we are not loyal to any brand" this was very comforting to me as I was sold the RTC brand from tiletools.net (owned by the same company) the thicker core seperated from the blade and they refused to accept blame even though they were the manufacturere and seller. Dealing with a company that sells results instead of brand is comforting. Customer for life!



I am no professional, but this blade does what it supposed to do.Clean and fast cuts.What else can you ask for?

Poor life with this blade


We must be the exception to most of the other reviews. We tried this blade for cutting 3/4" thick porcelain pavers and it it gave by far the worst lifetime. It died very quickly. Hot dog and Norton Slicer gave much better lifetime.

Finally, a good blade for hard porcelain

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I've been having trouble with large porcelain tiles chipping at the end of the cut no matter what blade I used, or how new. Bought the P4 and it cut great! 200 square feet of 20x20s and not one chip. Awesome blade.

Great Blade!


Used my Pearl blade today. Cuts were smooth and clean. Very difficult to determine which was the cut side! Cut porcelain tile for Master Bath.

Great Blade


I used this blade to cut 12 x 24 tiles. It cut with no problems. I was able to cut strips 1/2" wide with no breaking or chipping.

great blade


Love this blade no deflection, No chipping and cuts porcelain like butter. I just paid a $150 for a blade from local tile supplier and what a piece of s@#$ compared to this and only cost me $55.00. Thanks for being Fair on price.

May have spoke to soon


Bought this blade worked great on several jobs till end of year had a big shower plank tile and had to miter all trim work and that's where things went bad. i had a lot of mitering and it is cerdomas porcelain probably the hardest tile out there . This destroyed this blade and even seasoning it but nothing worked . Works great on straight cuts and maybe mitering softer porcelain but hard porcelain did a number on this blade. took off the diamonds on miter side of blade .

Average blade


Decent blade. I have only used it for a short period, so I can't say about how long it will last. I have been cutting cheap porcelain tile, and can't say that it cuts any cleaner than the DeWalt blade that came with my saw.