Nuheat 120 Volt Floor Heat Cable Under Tile Heating Kit

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Product Details

Product Details

Nuheat 120 Volt Floor Heat Cable Kit

Nuheat Cable is quick and easy to install and provides comfortable floor heating to any tile, marble, stone, laminate, or engineered wood floor. This floor heat cable provides installers and designers with flexible, custom layout options to fit any room.


  • Simple floor heat installation with a single-point lead
  • Slim profile heat cable is only 3/16" thick
  • Powerful heating (40 BTUs per sq ft.)
  • Energy efficient (12 watts per sq ft) with 3" spacing
  • Installs easily under tile, marble, stone, and laminate or engineered wood floors
  • Works great for wet areas shower and sauna applications
  • UL listed
  • 25-year warranty
  • Cable can be used to heat wet areas such as shower beds and benches or saunas
  • Available in both 120 and 240 volt formats. Click here for 240V Nuheat Cable
  • Radiant heat temperature can be controlled with either a programmable or non-programmable floor heat thermostat
  • Can be installed in combination with a Nuheat Mat system - use standard mats for rectangular or square areas and use cables to fill in the irregularly angled or curved portions of the room
  • The heating cable is installed and covered with floor leveling cement (self-leveler) or thinset mortar - after the mortar has cured flooring can then be installed on top of this new layer
  • Cable guides are included in the kit. Extra cable guides are also available


Model2/3/2 Pillars*
12 Watts/sq ft
3 Pillars*
12 Watts/sq ft
2 Pillars*
15 Watts/sq ft
Total Watts
N1C008Coverage8 sq ft9 sq ft6 sq ft29 ft80 watts
N1C012Coverage12 sq ft14 sq ft10 sq ft47 ft138 watts
N1C015Coverage15 sq ft17 sq ft12 sq ft57 ft170 watts
N1C025Coverage25 sq ft30 sq ft21 sq ft98 ft299 watts
N1C030Coverage31 sq ft36 sq ft25 sq ft12 ft343 watts
N1C040Coverage38 sq ft45 sq ft31 sq ft14 ft442 watts
N1C050Coverage48 sq ft57 sq ft39 sq ft18 ft562 watts
N1C060Coverage60 sq ft71 sq ft49 sq ft23 ft719 watts
N1C070Coverage68 sq ft81 sq ft55 sq ft26 ft810 watts
N1C080Coverage82 sq ft97 sq ft66 sq ft31 ft947 watts
N1C085Coverage86 sq ft102 sq ft69 sq ft33 ft1021 watts
N1C095Coverage97 sq ft115 sq ft78 sq ft37 ft1161 watts
N1C110Coverage109 sq ft129 sq ft88 sq ft42 ft1299 watts
N1C120Coverage122 sq ft145 sq ft98 sq ft47 ft1461 watts
Questions & Answers
4 questions

Does the cable come with the thermostat probe ?

The probe does not come with the kits but can be purchased here.

Can this wire be used with prodeso mat ?

Yes, this cable system will work with most heat mats such as the Prodeso Heat Mat, however, the warranty will be voided if all Nuheat/nVent products aren't used in the system.

I am doing a 500 sq foot tile project over a concrete basement slab. How much of an area should the heating system cover and can the individual mats be connected on one thermostat?

For concrete slab subfloors, Nuheat recommends insulating the slab prior to installing Nuheat Cable. Insulation will improve the upward heat transfer from the cable to the flooring surface. Depending on the size of the cable kit you purchase, that is the coverage of the heating system.

You can install more than one Mat / Cable Kit / Mesh Kit to a thermostat, provided that the total draw does not exceed 15 amps. The thermostat typically holds up to 3 or 4 sets of leads before fitting the lead wires into the terminals becomes difficult. Each system must be designed for the same voltage (all 120 V, all 240 V, or all 208 V).

Can this be placed in concrete

Yes, this can be placed in concrete. For concrete slab subfloors, Nuheat recommends insulating the slab prior to installing Nuheat Cable. Insulation will improve the upward heat transfer from the cable to the flooring surface.

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4/17/2016 8:28 pm

heated tile floors

by david -

easiest floor heat system to install. thanks for the recommendation CD! lip free or die!

4/19/2016 9:15 pm

Energy efficient floor heating

by Jamie T

Installed with the Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat and me and the wife couldn't be happier (nor warmer!) The floor heating cable was easy to put in and the programmable thermostat is very simple to use, even for an older guy like myself.