6022 Kraft Magnesium Straight Edge

SKU: 6022
Manufacturer: Kraft Tool
$88.71 to $110.05


$88.71 to $110.05


Magnesium Straight Edge

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Kraft Magnesium Straight Edge

Concrete contractors seeking sturdy, dependable finishing tools. Straightedges are light-weight, durable, easily cleaned and hold a true edge indefinitely.


  • 1" Width x 4" Height Magnesium screed
  • Perfect tool for screeding concrete without warping and waste using wood straightedges
  • Weight lighter than standard stock aluminum
  • This is truly the cement mason's choice
  • Magnesium is 30% lighter than aluminum
  • Magnesium is also more rigid than aluminum!
  • This makes them tough, yet light.
  • Easy-to-clean tool has end caps so no concrete will get inside during use
  • Extruded to +- 1/16" tolerance in 10 ft. for straightness
  • Made of high purity Magnesium screed will not rust or rot

Questions & Answers (1)

Is it possible to join them to 2 or more straight edges, end-to-end for longer lengths? If so, how?

No, it is not possible to join the straight edges for longer lengths. 8ft is the largest size that UPS will ship. Longer lengths are available but the shipping cost is normally $100 or more. Please email orders@contractorsdirect.com if interested.

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perfect just what i needed

by -

Even though this is a screed i use it as a straight edge to trim doors etc. The best straight edge i've ever used-long rigid and durable.


essential on floor installations

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this is the right tool to start a perfect floor !!


great screed


I use this to screed out "self" leveler. This is very light and strong. Because it is magnesium you do not have to worry about whether or not its straight and accurate. Magnesium does not bend. It cracks. If your screed is in one crackfree piece you know its straight.