MK-215GL Glass Blade

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MK Diamond

Product Details

Product Details

MK-215GL Glass Diamond Blade

The MK 215-GL is an excellent long life diamond blade specifically engineered for cutting glass with low chipping and material loss.


  • For wet cutting glass and glass blocks an a wet tile saw or rail saw
  • Fast, chip-free cutting on glass
  • Premium quality, with the highest concentration of diamond
  • Recommended for glass and glass blocks as well as hard quartz and blue stone
  • Supreme grade for superior life and faster cutting/grinding speeds
  • These blades are designed for wet cutting only

MK-215GL Diamond Blade Specifications
Blade Size7"8"10"12"14"
Rim Height7 mm7 mm7 mm7 mm7 mm

CeramicNot Recommended
PorcelainNot Recommended
MarbleNot Recommended
GraniteNot Recommended
Hard GraniteNot Recommended
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1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Beats heck out of the Ridgid OEM blade

by Dave -

The difference between this blade and the standard blade that came with the Ridgid tile saw is like night and day. So far, on a number of test cuts, it's been great.

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Like Butter!

by Backsplash Samurai -

Cuts glass with ease and does not chip color fused backing. If you install glass tiles, you need this in your box.

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Works well on glass

by Pat -

Very good blade for cutting glass. Cuts better than other diamond blades I have, creating a smooth non chipped edge. The only difficult parts are the end of the cut and making sure you have a saw with sufficient water.

10/9/2015 4:53 pm

MK-215 Glass Blade from Contractors Direct

by Franklin

Very good blade, cuts without chipping. After many cuts you should dress the blade to expose the very fine diamonds on it. I made a couple of cuts into my rubbing stone and it works like new. Definitely a good blade

11/28/2016 12:05 am

Good Blade

by jD

I purchased this for my first project with glass tiles, the Akdo Cubism sort-of mosaic glass tile. The tile manufacturer recommends cutting the tile at half-depth on both sides to reduce chipping. A major pain trying to keep the cuts lined up exactly, but if you don't, it isn't much better than a single cut, although that is not really the problem of the blade. That said, it is working fairly well, but there are small chips at the ends of some cuts, both of the glass itself and also of the color backing. Some of that won't be visible when it is all done, but there has been a moderate amount of waste for this reason. However, I tried a standard diamond tile blade on some scraps, and this MK blade is much better, so much so that it would be foolishness to try and cut this tile with anything less. Not an inexpensive blade, but it is necessary for glass. I tried two cuts on a sample piece of 10" square glass tile, with a single pass, one each with this blade and the diamond tile blade, and the cut with this blade was beautiful. The tile blade cut was decent, but the edge was a bit rough, and there was a chip at one end. A very limited test, admittedly, but my conclusion from this project is that you need a glass blade for glass. One reason I chose this blade was that there weren't too many options for my saw blade size (8"). Based on my very limited experience, I have been pleased with this blade.

3/15/2022 2:55 pm

Will buy this blade again!

by Melody Sandberg -

Great product.! Getting ready to order another! Workhorse!