KP-543 Kirb-Perfect 30" Shower Curbs

SKU: KP-543
Manufacturer: Mark E Industries
MPN: KP-543





Perfect Shower Curbs with Kirb-Perfect

Designed to be used with a pan liner. Can be used with or without a 2x4 wood curb. Features molded in dovetail connecting lugs, can be used for multiple length installations.


  • Build a perfect shower curb every time with the Kirb-Perfect
  • Use with or without a 2 x 4 wood curb on any size shower
  • Top has built-in pitch into shower
  • Preserves the integrity of the liner
  • Easily cut with hacksaw, PVC cutters or grinder
  • Economical, lightweight non-rotting plastic
  • Provides a cement backing for ceramic, porcelain or stone
  • Simple to add lightweight mud to both sides of the pan material
  • Works great with the Quick Pitch System

What's Included?

  • 2 side panels - 5-1/2" H x 30" L
  • 1 top panel - 4-1/2" W 2"x 30" L
  • Stainless Steel Self-Tapping Screws
  • Illustrated Installation Instructions

Questions & Answers (2)

8/10/2016 9:07:36 pm

Can you make this curb into a curve?

If you would like to create a curve curb, you should use the Handi-Kirb from Mark E. Industries.

3/9/2018 9:26:21 am

I purchased your Kirb-Perfect product for my shower remodel. Filled curb with mortar and ready to waterproof shower. What if any waterproofing should be done on curb prior to tile ? Using Laticrete Hydro Guard and fiberglass membrane tape on perma base walls. Thanks

You should waterproof any area that will be frequently exposed to running or standing water. You should, at the least, water proof the inside (shower side) seams and on top of the curb, but we recommend water proofing the entire curb. Better safe than sorry!

Ratings & Reviews

11 reviews


speeds process up

by -

speeds things up

curbs for dummies

by -

bathroom shower pan

Perfect! Like it Says

by -

Very simple to use. Couldn't imagine doing my project with out this product. What makes it better was the price - its worth it.

The perfect curb speaks for it self.

by -

the corb perfect speaks for it self. Curb perfect as it says.

easy to use even for an amateur

by -

Easy to follow instructions builds quickly easily adjustable makes life very simple

Quick Pitch Kirb Perfect

by -

Would recommend this item to anyone who has little or no experience with tiling or shower floor installation. I had never done any tiling jobs or showers but with this product I was able to do the job all by myself and in only 2 days. The shower floor came out perfect with just the right pitch no water standing and no pools around. The Kirb is the right hight and angle. I recommend tiling the top of the Kirb Perfect with a tiny pitch therefore you would not have water on top of the Kirb and it would slide right off. I had installed all glass shower doors on top and it looks amazing. Make sure you have enough liner and watch one of the instructional videos they have for Kirb Perfect and the Quick Pitch therefore you have some idea on how to start.

As easy as it looks

by -

This product is a great time saver. It's quick and easy to use and makes the finished job look professional.

kirb perfect

by -

excellent product.liked how easy it was to install.

543 Kirb-Perfect Shower Curbs


We made a custom shower. The curb has an angle in the middle. I bought two of these 543 Kirb-Perfect Shower Curbs and modified so the fit together at the angle. after that is was straightforward and worked quite well. the product held the mortar in very well and made a nice curb with square edges. Not sure I would be able to do so by hand.

Yes, it works but...


The kits (we ordered two, long curb in our shower) arrived promptly and packed appropriately, this vendor is great. As for the kit, we found that the tabs to attach one kit to another do not align, there is no way to get them to snap together in any way, its just poor workmanship there. We had to just cut the tabs off. This wasn't a huge problem as once nailed in place you don't really need the tabs but it was something of a bother to cut them off and curb placement would have been easier with them had they worked. We did have to cut one side to fit the inside which was fairly easy. Pressing the mud mixture into the grills was a bit more challenging than the video implies but when done(watch the video on youtube as the included directions are worthless) it does make a nice square curb and is much easier to use than fiddling with wire mesh to make a frame. I did think it was pricey for what it is and the poor machining but it does work.

Job completed having Item as expected


This worked very well, Item..... was as advertised