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1106180 Imer Step-Up 120 Spray & Grout Pump

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Product Details

Product Details

Imer Step-Up 120 Spray and Grout Pump Single Phase

The Imer Step-Up 120 grout pump is designed for the applications that need to be pumped and sprayed with more flow and pressure. A built-in, vertical shaft mixer sits atop the Step-Up 120 and discharges into the pump for an easy and practical way to fill the hopper. The 220v 2 h.p., motor and gearbox on the Mortarman 120 are ideal to handle the mixing a variety of materials.

Use almost any material with aggregate size 1/8" with single phase motor. Mix and pump at the same time

The Step-Up 120 comes standard with an IM25L stator which can handle up to 1/8 inch aggregate and produce up to 6.6 GPM and 450 PSI of pumping pressure. The Step-Up 120 is made to be towed on the road but also able to pass through 36" doorways. A dual diaphragm, maintenance-free compressor is used to provide the air flow for spraying applications.


  • The Step-Up's rotor/stator is turned by a 3 HP, 220 volt single phase motor using inverter technology. This allows the RPM's to range between 30 and 100, enabling the Step-Up 120 to be used for numerous applications and materials
  • Designed to be an all in one unit.
  • Easy to setup and easy to operate
  • does not require special electrical connections or an electrician to hook it up. All the motors combined are just under six horsepower and can operate on 16 Amps of 220 Volt single phase power.
  • Able to handle 1/8" aggregate
  • Free shipping from IMER factory warehouse

ModelIMER Step 120
Voltage/phase 220/single phase
Pump motor HP3 HP
Compressor flow rate9 CFM
Compressor HP1 HP
Screw pump RPM (IM25L)Variable from 30 - 100
Max aggregate size (IM25L)1/8"
Max Flow Rate6.6/0.9 GPM/cf
Max Pumping Distance.130 - 250 ft. material viscosity dependent.
Material flow rate6.6/0.9 GPM/cf
Hopper Capacity4.2 cf (31 gallons)
Mixer Capacity4.2 cf (31 gallons)
Mixer Motor2 hp
Weight870 lbs
Dimensions L x W x H 80 x 32 x 50 in
Shipping-FREEFreight Truck

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