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Does plunge cutting increase cut length?

Yes, the normal cutting capacity is 28" but you can reach 31" with plunge cut.

Is just the water pan available?

You can purchase the water pan here.

Se puede comprar la guía de la 250/1000?

Puedes comprar la guía aquí.

What is the height of the saw folded up. Trying to figure out if it will fit a pickup with a tunnel cover.

When the saw is folded up it is approximately 24" in height, 27" in width, 58" in length.

How do you change the blade?

Please refer to section 11.6 (Blade Replacement) in the operators manual. We have listed the manual in the "details" section of the web listing for your convenience.

Is the side table an option to purchase to fit this?

Yes, the part number for the side table is 1188177.