Imer Workman II 250-350 Concrete Mixer

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$3,899.00 to $4,699.00
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Product Details

Product Details

Imer Workman II Series MultiMixers


  • Free shipping from Imer factory warehouse
  • Guaranteed to out mix and out perform any other machine available today
  • One piece removable drum (easy to replace)
  • Belt driven gearbox (quiet and powerful)
  • Worm drive dump gear (easy to discharge)
  • Frame mounted spare tire (you never know)
  • No huge crown gear (lightweight, easy to move)
  • Patented interior drum design (mixes everything fast)
  • Greatly reduced maintenance
  • Drum Diameter: 250 27.5" , 350 32.5"
  • Every Imer Mixer comes with a commercial duty tow hitch!

Imer Workman II Mixer Options
ModelWorkman II 250Workman II 350
Drum Capacity9 cu ft12 cu ft
Batch Output6 cu ft9.5 cu ft
Drum Diameter27.5 in32.5 in
Dimensions72 x 55 x 36 in76.5 x 56 x 37.5 in
Weight525 lbs650 lbs
Motor OptionsElectricGas
Power1.5 hp 110/220 V5.5 hp

Project-MixingImer Product Application
Mixing Concrete (small batch-250lbs or less)Minuteman or Wheelman
Mixing Concrete (large batch 400-800lbs)Workman 250 or 350
Stucco (small batch-1 bag 80lbs or less)Mini Mix 60
Stucco (medium batch-2 bag 80lbs)Mortarman 120
Stucco (large batch 400lbs or more)Workman 250 and 350
Mortar (small batch 80lbs or less)Mini Mix 60
Mortar (small batch 160lbs-270lbs)Mortarman 120 or Minuteman
Mortar (large batch 400lbs-800lbs)Workman 250 or 350
Questions & Answers
5 questions

Can you mix drypack mortar in this? I do a mix of 25 full shovels to 1 bag of Portland which mixer would I need.

Barrel mixers are not ideal for dry-pack mortar because it sticks to the side of the barrel. The Imer Mortarman 120 is better for mixing dry-pack mortar.

Where is the cap to release the old oil to put new one in ?

The oil in this machine will not need to be replaced at any time. For that reason, there is no designated cap to empty the oil. If there were an oil leak, the gear box can be removed from the machine and separated to add more oil. However, the leak should be sealed before this is done.

Do you sell parts for this model?

Yes, we can get parts for all Imer products. If you are looking for part numbers, please contact Imer at 1-800-275-5463. If you have your part numbers you need to order, please call our customer service team at 1-800-709-0002.

Your mixer says 9.5 cubic feet batch output. Does that mean i can mix 15 bags of 80lb quickrete at once? Each bag is .6 cubic feet so 9.5/.6=15.8?

The short answer is, yes. The workman 250 has a 15 bag (50lb bags) capacity while the Workman 350 has a 25 bag (50lb bags) capacity per the Imer manual. The drum capacity of a barrel mixer is measured with the drum vertical. The mixing position is about 45 degrees between vertical and horizontal, so the amount of material that can be properly mixed (batch output) is roughly 2.5 - 3 cubic feet less than the total capacity. Therefore, the Workman 350 can only mix 9.5 cubic feet of material in 1 batch or roughly 16, 80lb bags.

What kind of gear oil goes in gear box? what weight?

For the Workman 250-350 it uses 80 gear oil. The weight is 90lbs

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1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Perfect addition to my business

by GeoBuzzard -

I am a small landscape contractor and do a lot of decorative stone work (edging, patios etc) and this mixer has been outstanding. After years of rentals and hand mixing, my guys actually 'fight' over who gets to operate it. Great piece of equipment!

9/8/2015 9:36 pm

Perfect fit for our needs

by ADA Upgrades

The Imer 350 with the Subaru engine turned out to be the perfect fit our our small batch needs. Imer provided a stable platform and a quality product. We called Imer directly to ask questions and we were put through immediately to a knowledgeable staff person, they answered all our questions and gave us the confidence to purchase their product. Two week in and we are not disappointed. The contractors direct sales staff were also great. Both companies will get our business again.