Husqvarna Cut-n-Break Diamond Blade Set

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Product Details

Product Details

Husqvarna Cut-n-Break Diamond Blade Set


  • Dual 9" Diamond concrete Blades for the K760 and K3000 Cut-n-Break Concrete Saws
  • Depth of Cut: 2-1-/2" per pass with a maximum of 16"
  • Cut width: Up to 3/4"

Hard Material ELR10 (Yellow)

  • Such as river rock, granite, heavily reinforced concrete, mica, pre-cast panels, marble, quartz, trap, rock, flint rock, and concrete (over 6,000 psi tensile strength)

General Purpose ELR35(Blue)

  • For materials such as concrete (less than 6,000 psi tensile strength, lightly reinforced concrete, concrete pipes and other pre-cast. Provides good cutting speed and good blade life for general concrete

Abrasive Material ELR70 (Red)

  • Designed for concrete block, green concrete, limestone, lava rock, slate rock, shale, and sandstone. Suitable for cutting through very abrasive, softer material
  • Excellent speed and life in all abrasive concrete

Common Questions

How long will a diamond blade last cutting concrete?

The life of a diamond blade can go from 10 cutting hours up to 100

When should I replace my diamond blade?

When your diamond cutting blades start wearing out, you'll notice it cuts slower than usual. A new diamond blade might have cut through a workpiece in minutes, but now, it's taking you more than ten minutes to achieve the same result.

Questions & Answers
4 questions

(Q1) Embedded in the concrete we expect to cut with this blade there is some steel plates and anchors, is the blade able to cut through?

(Q2) What would be the limitations in regard with thickness or dimension of the anchors?

(Q3) 16'' deep is the ultimate depth or there is another possibility if deeper cuts are required?

(Q4) How long do blades last (average)?

1&2) The heavy duty blades are designed to cut through heavily reinforced (w/ rebar) concrete. It should have no problem cutting through anchors, but a solid steel plate make like damage the blade and/or machine to a point of failure.

3) 16 inches is the maximum cutting depth for this unit.

4) Blade longevity is not advertised due to the variability between each cut. If the blades are used to cut through solid steel, they may break on the first cut.

What is the width of the of the cuts into concrete? I am putting 5/8" backer rod in and was wondering if these blades could handle the project.

This blade set can cut a channel up to 3/4'' wide.

Does this blade come ready to install with the hub included?

Yes, this blade does come with the hub included.

Can the K760 blades be used dry?

I need to cut through a foundation concrete block wall to add an egress window and the inside space is finished.

I plan on closing off the wall with plywood on the inside to keep the inside cleaner

Perhaps do a wet cut through most of the block wall and then a dry cut for the last inch.

Technically, yes. That seems to be the best option in your case. However, it will cause a lot of dust.

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1/25/2016 10:34 am


by ricky -

these blades are exactly what i've been waiting for. cut, break, repeat, profit. over and done with. THANK YOU!

5/31/2023 12:44 pm

Five stars!

by Jeneen@GWB

Fast service for an excellent price! We'll be shopping here again!