6877 Husqvarna Cut-n-Break Diamond Blade Set

SKU: 6877
Manufacturer: Husqvarna

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Questions & Answers (3)

(Q1)Embedded in the concrete we expect to cut with this blade there is some steel plates and

anchors, is the blade able to cut through ?

(Q2)What would be the limitations in regard with thickness or dimension of the anchors

(Q3) 16 '' deep is the ultimate depth or there is another possibility if deeper cuts required

(Q4) how lon do blades last (average)


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1&2) The heavy duty blades are designed to cut through heavily reinforced (w/ rebar) concrete. It should have no problem cutting through anchors, but a solid steel plate make like damage the blade and/or machine to a point of failure.

3) 16 inches is the maximum cutting depth for this unit.

4) Blade longevity is not advertised due to the variability between each cut. If the blades are used to cut through solid steel, they may break on the first cut.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. You can reach Husqvarna directly at 1-800-365-4003

what is the width of the of the cuts into concrete I am putting 5/8" backer rod in and was wondering if these blades could handle the project?


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This blade set can cut a channel up to 3/4 '' wide

I'm trying to figure if the cut-n-break saw is cost effective to use on a project that I am planning. I will need to cut approximately 85' of 8" reinforced concrete. I realize that blade life varies by the application but would like to know how many blades I would need to for this project. There is adequate water on-site to keep the blades wet and cool.



Diamond blade manufacturers do not advertise longevity due to application variables. 

Depending on the type of concrete, you should choose either the Hard Material Or General Purpose Blade set to start.  These products are usually well stocked if you need to order more than one set.

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