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8229 Gemini Apollo Diamond Blade Cartridge Assembly

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SKU: 8229
Gemini Saw Company
$133.21 to $194.00

Product Details

Product Details

Gemini Apollo Diamond Cartridge Assembly

Blade changes are easily performed with the introduction of removable blade cartridges for the Gemini Apollo Ring Saw. All cartridges include a blade.

Apollo Sintered Blade Cartridge Assembly

Double-sided, diamond coated blades cut forward, backward, and curves. Each blade is made of powdered metal with diamond dispersed evenly throughout for long lasting performance. Sintered blades are great for making curved cuts in thick materials. Cartridge includes either Standard or Fine Double Sided Ring Blade, 3 orange groove grommet assemblies part #1062, and 2 red cone grommet assemblies part #1119.

Double Sided Standard Sintered Blade

  • Cuts thick glass, stone, marble, granite

Double Sided Fine Sintered Blade

  • Specifically for thin glass only

Apollo Wire Cartridge Assembly

The wire cartridge accepts Taurus 3 Standard, Slim, and Dichroic blades. Wire blades feature an electroplated diamond rim secured with nickel and are ideal for intricate omni-directional cutting through thin materials such as 1/8" stained glass, 1/4" acrylic, wall tile, and other soft materials. Each cartridge assembly contains 4 orange groove grommets part #1062, 1 orange groove grommet part #1062, 2 large red gear grommets part #1119, and a splash guard (completely assembled).

Standard Wire Blade

  • General purpose, omni-directional cutting through variety of thin materials (avoid fused glass and other thick materials)
  • Aggressive grit
  • Wire shape: Round, 0.072" diameter
  • Max material thickness: 3/8"

Super Slicer Blade Kit

  • Has the ability to use more of your material and as a byproduct actually cuts faster than any of our “Ring Blades”
  • Cuts glass, tile, stone, shell, nonferrous metals, hard plastics such as acrylic and lexan, and anything that has a similar density to these materials
  • Has finer diamond so the cut is even smoother than all the other blades except for the dichroic blade

Apollo 6” Rigid Ring Blade Cartridge Assembly

Rigid blades are designed specifically for making straight cuts. Each cartridge includes a 6" Standard or Fine Rigid ring blade, and 4 green groove grommet assemblies.

6" Standard Rigid Blade

  • For thick materials
  • Aggressive sintered blade for straight cuts through thick glass, stone, marble, granite
  • 80 grit

6" Rigid Fine Blade

  • Sintered blade for straight cuts through thin glass, stained glass, fused glass, glass tile
  • 150 grit

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