Norton Clipper 10" Early Entry Green Small Push Saw

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Product Details

Product Details

Norton Clipper GC55 10" Early Entry Small Green Push Saw

Compact, light-weight design backed by the reliable gasoline engine, the GC55 early entry saw is intended for a variety of applications. From green, cured or decorative concrete cutting to expansion joints, the features of this small push saw are hard to beat in a single saw. Low, wide profile of the frame, along with the front mount blade, contribute to producing a more disciplined cut.


  • Mounted with the dependable 5.5 HP engine for best performance
  • Additional weight in the front of the saw helps keep the blade in the cut
  • Improved wheel design provides stability over debris to help keep the saw in line of cut
  • Fold down design for easy storage and transport
  • Four stage cyclone air filter
  • Screw feed blade depth control
  • Maximum Pointer Length: 8-7/32" (209mm)
  • Front (Outside to Outside Wheel Width) 8-21/32" (220mm)
  • Rear (Outside to Outside Wheel Width) 13" (330mm)
  • Blade to Wall 7-1/2" (190mm)
  • Wheel Base Length 19" (483mm)
  • 10" Blade is sold separately
Norton Clipper GC55 Green Push Saw Specifications
Power (Gas)4.8 hp
Blade Capacity10 in
Blade Shaft RPM3,000 RPM
Arbor5/8 in
Depth of Cut3-3/4 in
Fuel Capacity0.95 gals (3.6 L)
Dimensions32 x 18-1/8 x 24-1/32 in
Weight115 lbs
Questions & Answers
4 questions

Is there a blade guide on the back of the saw so you will know where the blade is to be set down?

There does not appear to be a guide on the back of the machine. The easiest way to know where your blade will be set is to mark the line you are going to cut, place the blade on the line before cutting and adjust to center your saw. Once your saw is centered, you can drop the front pointer and that can act as a forward guide and then cut straight.

Is there any add on kit, or new wheel type to keep water out of the wheel bearings?

With new OSHA regulations on silica, we now have to use water when cutting, to keep the dust down to a minimum. The concrete and water slurry is seizing the wheel bearings. Is there any remedy for this, or are we forced to purchase a wet cut saw and abandon our GC55?

The wheel bearings should be well sealed by the factory. Long term use can result in build up and seal deterioration.

There is a wet cutting kit. part number: 238926

From Norton Clipper:

"The solution is simple: clean off the saw once ever few weeks. Either lightpressure washing or just brushing the area between the frame and wheel will work. Like anything a little maintenance goes a long ways."

Can a Husqvarna Green Concrete Diamond Blade part # 542756101 fit this machine?

No, due to the unique triangular arbor on the Husqvarna Soff-Cut blades they will not work with the GC55. Click here for blades that will fit the GC55.

How many feet can a blade cut before changing it

Like any other equipment, diamond blades tend to wear out over time. However, it doesn’t really have an expected “usable period” or “expiry date.” due to the many different variables such as quality of the blade, material being cut through, cutting technique, etc.

Please consult with the manufacturer of the blade you are interested in purchasing to check the RPM, the quality, and the blade’s function before buying one to make sure that you can optimize it at its fullest capacity.

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7/2/2020 12:00 am

wheel bearings seize

by mark

the wheel seals seized and would barely turn, this caused the saw to jerk and now the lines are not straight

12/31/2021 12:29 pm


by Eric Wayne Wahlstrom -

I have had the Norton Clipper for 3 years; best saw I've owned. We used to saw cut manually with chop saw and 2x12. Now this saw has been great. Like a dream. Can't believe we never had one of these for 30 years. Pays for itself in one job.
Works great. Easy to operate and does a great job.
Wheels got a little stiff when new. I just lubed with some wd and been great ever since. LOVE IT