Diamax Cyclone Porcelain Tile Turbo Diamond Blade

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Product Details

Product Details

Diamax Cyclone Porcelain Tile Turbo Diamond Blade

Dimple Style rim allows you to keep cutting dry while staying cool!


  • Dimple style rim minimizes heat caused by friction
  • Cooler rim temperatures increase life and speed of your cut
  • New diamond bond makes this the best continuous rim ever
  • Fits most standard handheld grinders and tile saws
  • For fast and chip-free cutting of porcelain tile
  • Minimize glazing
  • These blades are designed for wet or dry cutting

Additional Information

  • Don't drop and jam in the cut
  • Don't leave on the a grinder when not in use
  • Don't grind and twist in the cut or side stress
  • Inspect blades before each use for any damage
  • Always leave the guard on a grinder

Diamax Cyclone Diamond Blade Specifications
Blade Size4"4-1/2"5"7"10"
Rim Height10 mm10 mm10 mm10 mm10 mm
Arbor5/8" - 7/8" - 20 mm5/8" - 7/8" - 20 mm5/8" - 7/8" - 20 mm5/8" – DKO1" - 7/8" - 5/8"

MarbleNot Recommended
Hard GraniteGood
GlassNot Recommended

Questions & Answers

3 questions

What is the thickness of these blades?

No, the small diameter (4"-4.5"-5") Diamax Cyclone Blades are thinner than the larger diameter (6”-7"-10”).

 4”-5”=1.23mm  6”-7”=1.6mm 10”=2mm

Do you have a version of this blade that would fit on a skill saw?

This blade is not designed for use on a Skilsaw. It is designed to fit on angle grinders and tile saws.

Using this blade on a Skilsaw could be dangerous and it NOT advised.

Does this come in a 4 1/2" type 27 wheel?

Unfortunately this blade does not come in a type 27 wheel.

Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

2/12/2016 8:16 am

A+ Blade!

by Stoneman

Let me start by saying I used this blade in the past and then my supplier stopped carrying them, so I am beyond thrilled that Contractors Direct started carrying them. The Diamax Cyclone blade is one of the best grinder blades I have ever used!

2/12/2016 8:29 am

Recommend this blade to all my colleagues

by Rick Rude -

I was looking for a thicker 10" blade because the last one I used would flex when I tried to make cuts too close to the edge (trying to trim a 1/16th off). This blade was a huge upgrade! It also cuts very clean. I recommend it. Nice price point and well worth the money.

2/22/2016 1:10 am

My only blade

by Kevin cease

I use this on my grinder for all my cuts. Not many blades come I 6" I am so glad I found this blade and found it in the size I like. Awesome

3/2/2016 5:35 pm

Good blade, but doesn't last

by Mike

I got this blade as a replacement for my other blade that lasted for a year. It worked well for the first while, but after about one month the blade started chipping off. The silver part of the outside edge broke off about a third of the blade. It's a good blade, but it doesn't last. I would recommend looking for a different option.

--We appreciate your feedback! These rims are more fragile than a typical diamond blade and can become compromised if the rim is damaged at all from handling (i.e. thrown in a van, dropped on the ground). - CD

3/3/2016 12:18 pm

Very good grinder blade

by 420 Stoned man

Love this blade! Works great on my Makita grinder clean cut on porcelain.

9/18/2016 11:37 am

good blade

by Guillermo

I am so happy with this blade good price thanks a lot contractor direct