9630 Bucket Mortar Mixer

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Bucket Mortar Mixer

Tile setters and stone masons, Fire your hoe and retire your mix box. Bucket Mortar Mixer mixes faster and with much less effort than a mix box or wheelbarrow and hoe. Cost including a drill is less than a mix box and hoe. Easier clean up, Less bulk. In the past it has been difficult to mix dry pack mortar in a bucket.


  • Mixes all types of mortar and concrete in a 5 gals bucket
  • Mixes 4 gals of dry pack mortar (deck mud, floor mortar, sand mix) in as little as 30 seconds mixing time!
  • Auger action moves material from bottom to top and handle allows a stirring motion of the auger
  • Foam covered steel handle with oil impregnated bronze bearings for maintenance free operation
  • 1/2" chuck drill motor required (keyed type recommended)
  • Zinc plated 30" long by 1/2" shaft
  • Mixing blade diameter 3"
  • Do not use with Rubi rubber buckets

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Works great on concrete mix too

by -

Needed to mix 3 eighty pound bags of concrete so I tried this mixer that I bought for showers. Mixed a five gallon bucket full of concrete mix in half a minute, about 60lbs worth!! Had the patch job done in fifteen minutes including cleanup.

Works as advertised!

by -

I used this product to mix up chinking for a log lean-to. It worked very well to mix the materials both wet and dry, save me a mountain of time. High quality materials with a great design. Recommended!

Best tool since the Bread slicer

by -

This Mixer does everything they say it does. Every tile setter should have one. I've been setting Tile for 35 years its great

Best tool since the bread slicer

by -

Works exactly as they say it does


by -

Makes mixing dry pack a breeeze..No more wheelborrow and shovel just a five gallon bucket and drill. You can mix 65lbs. of C-cure in bucket at a time only takes 30 sec. to spin... Seems to use less water than mixing with hoe..not sure why? Great tool..saves your back.

Bucket Mortar mixer

by -

Awesome tool, Had to get a screw thread welded to the top to fit my Rubi mixer but once done worked well. Cost me a whole lot more in freight than it cost but well worth it. It will pay for itself in a couple of jobs. Arrived in NZ in less than a week. Great

Great mortar mixer

by -

I use this to mix all my pre-mixed mortar, you can mix half an 80# bag in about 30 seconds!

great product

by -

I have used it for concrete mix and pan mud. IT WORKS GREAT!!! I use mainly 50lb bags of premixed mud and it does a great job mixing. Very easy and a smooth mix. Very little clumping.I think a 6 gallon bucket would make this almost mess free.

Great Tool

by -

I am glad I purchased this mixer, This works Great, Just as stated.

monster tool

by -

what a beast. dont wait another day.

My second mixer

by -

I just purchased my second mixer. After over 300 buckets of mortar, the first mixer was showing some wear. The diameter was reduced by 1/2" and while it still worked, it wasn't pulling material up from the bottom as efficiently as it did when new, I have several other styles of mixers that attach to a drill and none of them work half as well as this mixer. You will need a keyed chuck because a keyless chuck will loosen and chew up the end of the shaft, It really needs three flats or a hex shaft to prevent the chuck from coming lose and slipping. It you are tall, find something to sit the bucket on so that you don't have to bend over as much. Also, find a 6 gallon bucket so that you can mix more material without it flying over the edge of the bucket. Horse watering buckets like the ones that they sell at Tractor Supply work will for larger batches. Pouring the dry mix into the liquid while mixing will save time when making low slump batches of concrete.

Morter mixer

by -

Bucket morter mixer, WOW, what a tool! I used it to mix all the countertop morter, dry pack and wall mud, a time saver.. I premeasured all 5 gallon buckets (10) and went to work by my self. I did'nt need additional help. This really saved me time. What a machine!!

morter mixer

by -

Works fantastic! I even have a large cement mixer and use this instead.

Works Awesome

by -

Works much better than the paddle I had been using. Quicker and less mess... Almost ready to use for dry pack for my shower floor, the real reason I purchased it.

Works great.

by -

With this tool, the bucket doesn't spin, and you can add the water to the top because the mixer pulls the material down. Also, it doesn't fling the mix all over the place if you withdraw the spinning tool to get another "bite". It actually saved me from having to buy another drill, because it doesn't require a lot of torque or super-slow speeds.

Nice tool


If I had this tool as a teen, mixing mortar for my father who was a mason, would have been a godsend. Very impressed.

The best


The best mixer we have ever using. It will mix anything .

bucket mixer


used a little but seems to work as shown take the w out of work thanks

Excellent tool


This is perfect for mixing buckets of cement or lime mortar and makes the process a whole lot quicker and easier than trying to mix by hand, mixes very thoroughly. Well made and solid construction seems like this will last for a long time. A great purchase that I am very happy with.



Very good , easy to work , durable



amazing product. Works as good as in the youtube video NO BS this product is actually as good as they make it seem. Imagine mixing an entire 60b in 30 seconds.

This works very well when paired with the black Collomix 8 gallon bucket. The bucket is very heavy duty and high quality. When mixing the entire bag it never got close to coming over the top. a 5 gallon bucket is just a hair to short.

Unbelievable mixer

by -

We do a lot of shower pans. Usually use the beater/paddle mixer or hoe to mix dry pack. Purchased this to mix numerous bags of dry pack for a 5x 7 shower pan. This thing really works as in the video. Took no time at all to mix 55# bags. All lump free with perfect consistently. What a time saver.

Love this Auger/mixer

by -

Perfect for mixing fat mud/deck mud! Put your mud box on the shelf! I prefer this even over a concrete mixer.

Best I've ever used

by -

Used this to mix up several buckets of dry pack for a shower bed. Allowed me to use very little water and still get excellent uniformity. One of the best tools I've ever bought.

HUGE time saver


Love this tool. We just cut the bottom off another 5 gallon bucket to keep the excess mud from flying out while mixing. Now we can mix larger bucket-fulls. We have had it for about 3 years- super solid, well built. Purchasing another because it went missing! Can't live without it now. It is our go-to for shower pans. My mortar box is rusty.