Drive Belt for Gemini Revolution Tile Saw

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Gemini Saw Company
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Product Details

Product Details

Replacement Belt for Gemini Revolution Saw


  • Kevlar built belt for Gemini Revolution ring saws
  • Replace belt every 3 blades
  • For use on both old style and XT models
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1/18/2015 10:38 am

0086 Belt for Gemini

by Sam Carruth -

quick order turn is so important when the belt wears out...thks Contractor Direct keep the tension correct and the belt will run a long time...

3/21/2016 12:53 am

Gemini XTRevolution Belts

by Pam

The belts break very easily. They are not strong enough to endure the machine. I am on my third one now and have hardly used the saw. Very expensive to keep replacing.

6/21/2016 9:47 am


by Judy

So. I cut on this saw a lot. I use it to trim out shapes on stone slabs to make cabochons so I cut probably 200-400 cabs a month on this machine. When I never cleaned the saw out, I was going through a belt about every two-to-three weeks. Now... I dump the water (shimmy-shimmy outside) after every major cutting and go into the grommet housing with canned air to really make sure the bits of rock that drop down are not causing excess wear on the belt. The belts don't last terribly long - in a good run, about three months. If you depend on this machine, it's expensive in upkeep between grommets, belts and blades.. But I still totally prefer it over a regular straight blade trim saw any day. That being said.. if they could redesign the belts to make them last a bit longer... I would have no objections there. :D

11/5/2016 1:27 pm

Revolution tile belt

by Mountainman

Have scroll cut approximately twenty 3/8" tiles before belt broke, no idea as to why no strain on cutting. no information on how to increase or reduce tension on belt. I will check manufacturers web site. Also some of the caps on the grommets do not stay on. As previous reviewers stated this is high priced item and one would think you would get better quality. Cleaning is very important.

4/22/2021 9:52 am

Contractors Direct is a great source

by Dan -

Good belts that fit the XT. They last reasonably long, unlike the pulleys that need to be replaced way too often...

12/27/2022 1:33 am

Belts break if allowed to get too loose!

by JM

The best advice for making belts & pulley wheels last is don't use the water tank thing. Set it in a wet saw tray or shallow tub with a hole - with 5 gal bucket of water under it. Clamp water pump to hang half way down. (saw muck drops to bottom) Make a water inlet hole by cutting or melting a hole thru the wheel cover. . The strong flow of water keeps the bits and pieces the ruin the wheels flushed out.To prevent belt from breaking- don't let it get loose! Jumping track is what breaks the belts ...every time!