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6295 Barwalt Hollow Leave-In Spacers

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Product Details

Product Details

Barwalt Hollow Leave-In Spacers


  • The first industry approved hollow spacer to be left in
  • 1/16" Granite spacer is not hollow and need to be removed
  • 1/16"-1/8"-3/16" sizes are 500 pcs per box
  • 1/4" are 400 pcs per box
  • 3/8" are 300 pcs per box
  • 1/2" are 200 pcs per box
  • Years of research led to a spacer that would react like a rubber spacer but be hollow, thus allowing it to stay in the joint and be grouted over
  • Now the installer can grout a day earlier and not have to come back to remove the spacers before grouting
  • The Hollow Spacers will adjust on 10% and not compress further and these spacers are longer to handle the radius corner tiles

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4 reviews

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1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Makes for an easy installation.

by Richard -

Great for pre-cutting and dry fitting small rooms.

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Great Product

by Campbell's Tile Inc -

Great Product its saves more time than you think.Average Floor you will get 30 to 45 mins average time saveing from pulling spacers.

3/12/2016 1:04 pm


by Tileman Jr

The Holy Grail in tile spacers......... Nothing in the way to work your tiles - nothing to remove.............

4/8/2021 10:17 am

A different use

by William Vincent

I don't use these as they're meant to be used. Instead I use them as a shim for vertical work. I don't like normal spacers because they tend to compress. These are rigid, and although I used to use "U" shims, they had to be cleaned off after each use, whereas these don't have to be. You can tile a 10' wall, and just like "U" shims, they won't compress even a little bit.