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Artisan BG-16S Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Grid

Artisan Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Grid

$69.30 to $69.30

I have the MH3218-D8/8 B Artisan Sink, specs call for the BG16SM grid … what size should I select on your site?

You can select the BG-16S Grid.

I have the artisan 3118D9 sink. Which sink grid will fit this ?

The BG-26S 26" x 24" Fits the AR3118-D9 Sink

Just bought this house
tried numerous sink grids they all come up short
its as close to 20 x14 as i can see
with the drain in center
Artisan logo in sink
dont know what sink model it is though
any ideafor sink grid?

The closest Artisan sink grid to your specifications is the BG-18S.  This grid is 19" x 14" with a central drain hole.  It will fit Artisan Sink models: AR2318-D10, AR2318-D9, and M2318-D8.

I have a farmhouse AFC 3302..what grids fit this sink?

I am searching for grids to fit into the following Frigidaire sinks: FR-2318 (single bowl) and FR 3221 (double bowl). It is my understanding that Artisan manufactures the Frigidaire sinks. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Yes, Artisan manufactures Frigidaire sinks.  The manufacturer recommends the BG18s for the FR-2318 sink.  For the FR-3221 double bowl sink, you will need 2 grids: the BG17s and BG16s.  Please note that they are currently back-ordered 6 months.

Looking for grids for Artisan double bowl MH3221.

You would need the BG-16S and the BG-17S

Which grid can be used with the Artisan AR2321 D-shaped undermount bowl?

The sink grid you would need is the BG-21S. This unit is currently available for purchase and would ship directly from the manufacturer.  This is a specialty order item, so please call our customer service center at 1-800-709-0002 and reference the part number above to order.

I have an Artisan MH2321-d8-b sink, what size grid do I order?

We currently only have the BG-26S and BG-16S available. Both of these grids will not fit your sink model unfortunately.

Please contact Artisan at 1(973)286-0080 and provide them with your sink model number. They will be able to assist you in finding the grid model number for your sink.