6423 Alpha Silencer III Dekton Bridge Saw Blade

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Manufacturer: Alpha Tools
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Alpha Silencer III Dekton Blade

The Dekton Silencer III Blade has a technology advanced core designed to minimize the often loud, fast cutting style of a normal bridge saw blade. This hardened steel core was manufactured by Alpha to prevent high noise levels associated with a blade of this size. Along with a newly developed bonding system, narrowing the segmented slots to minimize chipping on the required cuts to keep those sharp edges.


  • Used for high quality Dekton
  • Fast cutting, chip free cutting
  • Advanced core reduces noise levels when cutting
  • Free Re-Tipping service for life of the blade by Alpha Tools
  • These blades are designed for wet cutting on overhead bridge-saws only

Technical Specifications

  • Rim Height 8mm
  • 12" 6,200 RPM with 0.0866" (2.2mm) Kerf
  • 14" 4,365 RPM with 0.110 (2.8mm) Kerf
  • 16" 3,820 RPM with 0.129 (3.3mm) Kerf
  • 18" 3,395 RPM with 0.173 (4.4mm) Kerf
  • Arbor size 60mm/ 50 mm

Porcelain SlabsExcellent
Crystalline SlabsExcellent
GraniteNot Recommended
MarbleNot Recommended

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What is Dekton?

Dekton, which is made from blends of various raw materials. such as, high quality glass, porcelain, and natural quartz. The final product is a ultra-compact surface resistant to scratching and abrasions

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