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Laticrete Hydro Ban Waterproofing Membrane 5 Gallons


Can this be used on flat roofs that are walked on

Laticrete advises against using Hydroban as a primary roofing membrane over occupied space. Please see TDS 157 - Exterior Installations of Tile and Stone Over Occupied Space and Wood Decks for more information.

Can I use the laticrete waterproof 6" membrane fabric in the wall to floor corners with this product?

Hydroban eliminates the need for any fabric in the field, coves, or corners. The 6'' membrane fabric will not be necessary if you choose to use the Laticrete Hydroban to waterproof the area.

Can this be sprayed on?

And is this something that would act as an appropriate sealant for a metal ceiling and girders in a damp basement area?

Yes, this can be sprayed on, however, there are certain steps you need to take to assure it works correctly. Please reference the manual here.

Though the Hydroban will bond to metals, we don't recommend it's use anywhere other than a tiled application.

Can this be use to treat over a rubber roof seams only, not for walking on it . Just for extra protection where it says a liquid rubber thanks

Mike -- Please contact Laticrete tech service directly 1-800-243-4788 to ensure this product can be applied in that manner.

Can we use Hydro Ban on plywood?

Yes, exterior glue plywood is a suitable substrate (for interior applications only).

Will this totally waterproof my 5' inground concrete block swimming pool?

Yes this will waterproof the concrete swimming pool and the approximate coverage of the 5 gallon bucket is 250 sq ft.

Is your product fish friendly?

As this product does not re-emulsify in water it is safe to use with fish but it must be covered with tile. If not covered with tile it is not recommended to be used with fish tank or pond.

Can I use this product on a deck? We built a deck and it is on the second floor. wanted to seal it so the patio furnitures below won't get wet.

This product can be used for exterior surfaces, however, normal wood decking would not be included in the suitable substrates for this product.

How will this product perform on a flat concrete roof in freeze/thaw area?

Hydroban is not recommended in this type of application .

I'm going to tile an in-ground swimming pool that has an epoxy paint coating. Can Hydro ban be applied over the epoxy?

We do not recommend this application. Hydro Ban is not formulated to adhere to epoxy paint. The epoxy layers needs to be mechanically removed.

Can I use hydro ban over gypcrete?

Not Directly. It would have be diluted as primer coat first.

Do you recommend this product to seal the inside of a tub made of Durock before tiling?

Yes, apply Hydro Ban to the surface of your cement backerboard within the shower or tub surrounding to ensure that the board is waterproof before tiling the your shower.

I am installing 6” paver tile over a 8’ x 14’ concrete slab that has a diagonal crack, approx. 1/16" wide. It expands and contracts slightly. Will hydro ban prevent crack from telegraphing through the tile?

Crack suppression must be applied a minimum of 3 times the width of the tile or stone being installed. The tile installed over the crack cannot be
in contact with the concrete. Follow TCNA Method F125 for the treatment of hairline cracks, shrinkage cracks, and saw cut or control joints.

As an alternative; Apply a liberal coat of HYDRO BAN liquid, 3 times the width of the tile over the crack using a paint roller or paint brush and immediately apply the 6” (150mm) wide Waterproofing/Anti-Fracture Fabric into the wet liquid over the crack. Press firmly with brush or roller to allow complete “bleed through” of liquid. Immediately apply another liberal coat of HYDRO BAN liquid over the fabric and allow to dry. When the first treatment has dried, apply a liberal coat of HYDRO BAN to over the first wide coat, using a paint roller or paint brush, and allow to dry. Treat closest joint to the crack, saw cut, or cold joint in the tile or stone installation with LATASIL.

How many times should it be applied over a plywood surface?

You can use this product on exterior grade plywood only. A standard application requires 2 coats. Please refer to the installation manual here.

Is this product intended to be applied directly on top of dry wall in a shower area and for the floor over the subfloor without the use of any other sealing product/membrane?

Yes, this product acts as the waterproofing membrane and is applied directly to the shower walls, floors, corners and seams. Make sure the drywall you are using is certified to be used in a wet area.

Do you still need to use a rubber membrane under your mortar shower base if using this product?

Shaun, The answer is no, you do not need an additional membrane layer below Laticrete HydroBan. Correctly applying Laticrete HydroBan provides you with a "sealed" shower system. Click for HydroBan Manual

Will this product allow FRP panels to be installed over it? Will the FRP glue adhere?

If the adhesive is solvent based then it will not work with Hydroband. Any solvent based adhesives will not work with this product.