Can I use the Blanke Permat on outdoor applications?

The Blanke Permat uncoupling sheet is not rated for outdoor use.

When using Permat by Blanke is there a particular thinset I should use when installing porcelain?

Latex modified thinset is recommended for porcelain tile installation. Using the Blanke Permat does not extend cure times for the mortar under the tile.

Can I use the Permat over an existing concrete floor?

Yes, be sure to use a modified thinset mortar when installing this product. Permat is suitable substrate for going over concrete slabs.

Are there issues that I should know about setting the Blanke Permat over or below floor warming cable or mats?

Heating system should be installed first then permat. This does not impede the ability to warm the floors. The testing data showed that it took a few seconds to reach target temperature but it also took less energy to maintain the temperature: a wash! Blanke recommends that you bond tile or stone directly to Permat. The strength of Permat ( increase in Point load, compressive, sheer, and tensile) begins to diminish once you get over 3/8 inch between Permat and tile or stone. If the floor is more than 3/8 out of level Blanke suggests you level first.

Can permat be installed over vinyl floors?

Yes the Blanke Permat can be installed over vinyl however please follow all recommended guidelines with the thin set you are using.

What is the IIC rating on this product?
My contractor needs 60-65 for an HOA install approval

This Permat is not rated to be a sound proof underlayment and is not recommended to be used in that application.