Mark E Industries 3-in-1 Standard Shower Kit

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Mark E Industries
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Product Details

Product Details

Mark E. Industries 3 in 1 Standard Shower Kit


  • Build a perfect shower curb every time with the new Kirb-Perfect!
  • Use with or without a 2 x 4 wood curb on any size shower
  • Kirb-Perfect is designed to be used with a pan liner
  • Easily cut with hacksaw, PVC cutters or grinder
  • Economical, lightweight non-rotting plastic
  • Works great with the Quick Pitch System
  • Kirb-Perfect Kit includes: 2 side panels - 5-1/2" H x 30" L
  • 1 top panel - 4-1/2" W 2"x 30" L

Prepitch Standard Pre-Pitch Kit

  • Pre-Pitch is a unique, stay in place screeding tool designed for use underneath shower pan liners
  • Pre-Pitch is a unique tool that creates the proper sub floor slope (1/4" per ft.) needed underneath the pan-liner to manipulate the water towards the weep holes that are integral part of shower floor drains
  • By having a pitch under the pan liner, water that passes through the mud bed is now directed to the weep holes instead of being trapped between the mud bed and the liner
  • This 'ponding' or collection of water is where many mold and mildew related issues originate
  • Easily cut with hacksaw, PVC cutters or grinder
  • Use on wood sub-flooring or concrete floors
  • Economical, lightweight non-rotting plastic
  • Prepitch Kit includes: 6 float sticks, 1/8" to 7/8" x 36" long
  • Extended Kit includes: 6 float sticks, 7/8" to 1-5/8" x 36" long

Quick-Pitch Standard Quick Pitch Kit

  • "Goof Proof", simple, quick and easy shower installations
  • A center ring is placed over the drain and the tapered float sticks are attached leaving you with a perfect 1/4" fall per 12" run
  • The Standard Kit fits 3' x 5' showers
  • Extra float sticks are for custom shaped showers, and extended float sticks are used where the walls are more than 3 ft. (but less than 6 ft) from the floor drain

Positive-Weep-Hole-Protector Positive Weep Hole Protector

  • For use with the Quick Pitch and Pre-Pitch shower installation kits
  • Drainage disk for placement around a drain opening in a floor
  • Positioned between the floor pan and the mortar laid over the floor pan
  • Valleys in the disk provide drainage from the pan to the weep channels in the drain receptor

What's Included?

  • 2 Kirb-Perfect Shower Curbs
  • 1 Standard Quick-Pitch Kit
  • 1 Standard Pre-Pitch Kit
  • 1 Positive Weep Hole Protector
  • Instructional DVD
  • Illustrated Installation Instructions
Questions & Answers
2 questions

The Pre pitch has a 1/4" drop per foot for proper draining and the Quick pitch has 1/4" per foot for proper draining so compounding the two is a 1/2" drain slope is this correct? and does this system still present a overall good visual effect after finished and tiled installation?

No. The Quick Pitch Center Ring rests on top of the flange bolts of the drain which raises the system up to allow for water to flow to the weep holes and compensate for the Pre-Pitch eliminating the doubling of the pitch. Yes, it will give good visual effect after finished and tiled installation.

Will the 3 in 1 Standard shower kit work with removing bath tub leaving drain where it is, building shower in place of bath tub?

Yes, with the 3 in 1 Standard shower from Mark E Industries you can replace a bathtub with a shower without moving the drain location. With the extension kit, the prepitch and quick pitch can extend to 72". All sticks can be cut to the proper length.

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1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Great product[...].

by ralibur -

It was great to find a complete package for preparing a tile shower pan. The second kirb perfect wasn't needed, but that's with my application. Still, this was the best price I found. The manufacturer's instructions were vague so be sure to educate yourself on the entire install process. [@] has good instructional videos.

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

SK-105 3 in 1 Standard shower kit 2-KIRB

by jim -


1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Well worth the money!

by TileLady -

I'm a tiling contractor and sometimes have to build custom shower pans. This product makes doing pans really easy. I love doing muds pans with this system. It's actually fun! I would recommend getting extra float sticks and/or using a really long trowel. If you're in the business of doing shower pans, save your leftover sticks to use in the future. The only thing I'm not totally pleased with is if you have to trim down the curb. If you have to cut off an end, you loose your screw secured curb on that side. They should make more holes in the curb if you need to screw it together in another place besides the very ends of the curb. Also the self stick adhesive tape for the sticks for the pre-pitch (when doing it over concrete), doesn't stick well on concrete. I would recommend using some type of caulk or liquid nails to better secure the pre-pitch sticks to concrete. Another little thing that bothered me is how it is packed in the box. If all the pieces are jammed in, the curb pieces tend to flex and then when you screw them together, they're slightly off. But in all honesty, it doesn't make that much of a difference. Just wanted to mention it.

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Great kit for DIYers

by texaswilly -

If you must do your shower slope by your self and do not have a lot of money to spend on a liner, this is the best option. It requires some valor on your part since you will need to do some "mudding" and finishing but if you take your time to do it right this will ensure you get a good foundation for your shower drain and slope.

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

Makes creating your own shower pan easy.

by Z-man -

A great product for getting the proper slope to your shower floor. The only drawback I found was that, while the kit comes with 6 sticks, you really need 8 to do it properly.

1/16/2015 4:52 pm

makes diong a pan simple

by todd -

works great