Xo55 Collomix Duo Hand-Held Heavy Duty Power Mixer

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Xo55-R duo
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Product Details

Product Details

Collomix Xo55 Heavy Duty Double Paddle Power Mixer

The new Xo55-R duo mixer brings together the advantages of the Xo mixing drills and the forced-action mixing principle.


  • Heavy work made lighter with the counter-rotating hand-held mixer Xo 55 duo makes lots of mixing jobs easier and quicker
  • There is no counter-torque on the user and the machine is easy to move even in heavy and viscous material
  • You can generally count on being finished in just half the time. That's modern mixing!
  • Quick, easy and thorough
  • Fast and thorough
  • Universal and economical
  • Upright working position
  • Electronic speed control
  • HEXAFIX Quick disconnect paddle coupler
  • 13 ft. Cable length (4 m)
  • Includes MKD140HF dual paddles
  • Made in Germany

High Quality Gear Box

  • Hardened gear wheels
  • High ratio/high power
  • Optimum gearing ratios
  • Easy shift gear toggle

Rugged Gear Pinion

  • Industrial drive shaft
  • Optimized power to gears
  • Precision engineering
  • Eight hardened high resistant gear teeth

HEXAFIX® Paddle Construction

  • Provides quick paddle disconnect
  • Ease of storage/transportation
  • Ease of paddle cleaning
  • Positive paddle lock design

Operator Safety Features

  • Ergonomic designed hand grip
  • Safety lock start switch
  • Variable electronic speed control
  • Guard handle protection
  • High impact polyethylene housing
  • Power supply: 110V, cable length 13 ft. (4m)
  • Rotation Speed under load: 580 rpm
  • Mixing volume: 25 gals (95 liters)

What's Included?

  • Collomix Xo55 Duo Mixer
  • 2 MKD140HF Custom Mixing Paddles
  • Operator's manual

Collomix Xo55 Due Power Mixer Specifications
Power13.9 amps / 1.9 hp / 1450 W
Voltage110-125 V
Single Speed RPM0-430 RPM
Mixing VolumeUp to 25 gals (95 l)
Weight17.5 lbs
Questions & Answers
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Can I use this in a 5 gallon bucket?

Collomix recommends using the Xo55 in 8 gal to 24 gal buckets or with up to (4) 50 lbs of mixing material.

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9/7/2015 9:45 am

Excellent mixer

by Gene -

If you have used a single paddle mixer and tried to hold the bucket with your feet, you will love this mixer. the counter rotating paddles won't spin the bucket at all. The Collomix is very well built, solid, powerful and a little on the heavy side. The dual paddles get into the corners of the bucket better than the single paddles with the big ring around the bottom. You will even like clean up because a quick spin in a bucket of water gets all of the concrete off of the paddles. The cord is long enough and everything about this mixer is high quality.

The only thing that you might not like is the weight but it is a necessity if you want a motor with lots of torque.

7/19/2021 9:42 am

Never fails!

by Walter Schutte

Made in Germany, what can go wrong?? Very powerful hand-held mixer! Perfect tool for the perfect mix!