1044 KP Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads

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Manufacturer: KP Industries
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KP Industries Knee-pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pad for Tiling

At the end of the day you won't know you have had a pair of knee pads on - no fatigue because they are so light and comfortable!


  • Engineered and designed with the user in mind
  • Simply the most comfortable knee pad available
  • The Knee-pro Ultra Flex III is virtually indestructible
  • Multi functional kneepads for tile, masonry. carpentry, construction, electrical, flooring, gardening, industrial, hardware, home repair, maintenance, mining, painting, plumbing, roofing, safety, welding, etc
  • Hard plastic outer shells are extremely strong
  • Hinged with a metal rivet for ease of movement while kneeling or walking
  • Non-marking orange strip grips any surface
  • Soft elastic woven straps with reinforced sewn ends are placed well above and below the knee
  • Will not bind behind the knees and are easily attached
  • 5/8" (12.70 mm) closed cell inner foam pads provide the ultimate in comfort and protection
  • Foam will not absorb moisture
  • Speed clips snap easily into place for quick on-off
  • Knee pads are sold in pairs

Questions & Answers (1)

5/22/2016 8:10:14 am

Are they made in USA? Are they union made?

The Ultraflex III knee pads are made in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

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Best ever

by -

I use for any kind of work that requires kneeling for prolonged periods on hard or abrasive surfaces. Near-perfect adjustable fit, don't slip up or down your knees, very tough, comfortable. Used by soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan to protect their knees.

The best I have found!!

by -

Thank YOU!I have and will continue to use them for my self and also give as gifts and for out employees!

Good product

by -

I have tried different styles of kneepads but these are the best they move with you and the straps do not bunch up behind the knee. I wear them all day and forget that I have them on. Most of the guys I work with now wear them because of there comfort.

best kneepads

by -

I am a professional carpenter and bought pair of these knee pads two years ago and i love them. I wear them everyday,8-12 hours a day and they are extremely durable and comfortable. I put them on in the morning and don't need to adjust them all day, they stay put. I recomend anyone in a trade buy these, they are the best I've ever found, and I've tried many kinds.

DocAir Approved

by -

Our technicians are on their knees continuously in crawl spaces, attics, and floors. Any tool that can improve comfort and stamina delivers huge ROI. I have been looking for knee pads that will stay on and not rotate out of place. These are by far the best we have ever used. Barry Westbrook, PE (KY), CIH President, DocAir LLC www.docair.com


by -

These are the best pads you can use, by far. These are about the 20th pair I've purchased. Our firm has been using these for about 12 years and my crew will not use anything else.


by -

I make my living on my hands and knees-cleaning carpet and upholstery. I have had many knee pads over the years and have paid at least twice this amount for some of them. I was somewhat dubious about these knee pads before I got them and even when they arrived they were somewhat unimpressive. However, once I wore them for the first time I knew that I was never going back to the "others" EVER. They protect and comfort your knees, all while never slipping down like most others. If you spend any amount of time on your knees, you have to get this product.

Incredible! Perfect!

by -

Something is wrong with my right knee, below the joint, that makes it extremely painful to kneel. This prevents me from doing many things I want or need to do: garden, get on the roof to clean my solar panels, steam clean my floors, look under the bed for my shoes. The Pro Ultra Flex III knee pads completely solve my problem. I have never owned a knee pad before, but most of them seem too short to protect the are of my knee that hurts. Also, with just a single strap, they seem like they would fall off or move to a wrong location. The Pro Ultra knee pads are long enough to cover the part of my knee that hurts. They have two straps and a joint that keeps them in place. They do not move or slip down. The padding is very thick and sturdy enough that I feel absolutely no pain at all when kneeling. The straps can be shortened to fit any size knee and they can be configured to connect on the inside or outside of the knee - whatever your preference is. They are so comfortable that I could wear them all day and not really notice they are there. At 65 years old, I am not likely to engage in any ninja-style activities, but I think they are sturdy enough to withstand very rough activity and offer excellent knee protection. They are much less expensive than many other knee pads I looked at and they are well worth every penny. I highly recommend these knee pads.

recommend to everyone

by -

I have been using these knee pads for many years as a tile installer. They are the most comfortable pads I have ever found. You can wear them all day and sometimes you forget you have them on. I bought this pair for my 86 year old mother for Mothers Day because she said she was having problems kneeling down to do garden work. The first time she wore them she was amazed at how comfortable they were. She said they are 100% better than carrying around a cushion or something. I have bought these direct from Knee Pro in the past and paid $30.00 plus shipping. I will be buying them here from now on, and I will tell all the other installers I know!!!

Uni Flex knee pads

by -

These are the best knee pads I have ever found. 4 years ago I had a total knee replacement. I was only 48 at the time. I work for a major cable company and I always work in vaults and pedestals. I maintain the system, I pull stand-by etc. These knee pads make me feel like I have never had a knee replacement. They are GREAT!! No joke. The only thing I don't like is the strap hook. The ones my company supplied have a hook. Like a clasp that pulls on it's self. Those were the very best. The ones I purchased for myself have a pin that locks in a whole. It will break in the future. I know this for a fact because the knee pads come in a mesh bag with an extra clip. Only one. So what do I do when the second one breaks? Go back to the clasp. Easy, quick and reliable. Great knee pads no matter what I would like to change. Thanks for a great product.

only pads better than barwalt blues

by -

these are amazing. They don't require adjusting everytime you get up or kneel down. They are not annoying to wearing. You forget you have them on. The inside pad is high quality similar to the whats inside the blue barwalts knee pads. Barwalt was the only brand I would even consider until I tried these

sharp edges


The pads stay put as advertised. However the top edge of the pads are surprisingly sharp, I've found the top edge of the pads are actually sharp enough to cut my elbows and forearms if I lean on them when I'm kneeling on the floor.

Better than the rest !


I've had a pair of these for a few years- buying a newer pair only as a back up-
Worth every penny NO doubt - NO regrets !!

Best I have used


First pair lasted a few years of almost daily wear. Only retired them because they began to hold odor that I could not wash out. Second pair is on the second year, and I have found a way to prolong them from stinking. I line them with some micro fleece that absorbs sweat and keeps them from sliding around. Not ideal but it helps. They are the most cost effective, protective, and durable knee pads out there, but I must say I am tempted to try the rubi. If they had a remove able washable liner I would give them 5 stars

My knees used to hate me !


I 'm a boilermaker / pipeline welder & this trade just gobbles kneepads , particularly on pipelines where red hot metal is splattered everywhere and pads are lucky to last more than a fortnight .These Ultra Flex's are lasting a good 2 years with the odd strap replacement ! Fire proof straps would give them 6 stars in my book .The fact that you can replace the achilles heel of all kneepads ( the strap ) is further proof of the superior design that's gone into this product , and as every one
else has commented, so comfortable . Steve , I wouldn't fret too much about the pin ,so far I haven't had one break and I have been using them for 5 years .
To cap off these kneepads truly are your knees best friends !